How to Create A MOGRT File in Adobe After Effects (Illustrated Guide)

How to

MOGRT files are pre-made motion graphic templates. They are an easy way to add motion graphics to your video projects without the hassle of creating keyframes every time you need a new graphic with motion. The biggest benefit of using MOGRT files is it will speed up your workflow. Creating graphics can be a tedious …

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How To Roto Brush In After Effects. Illustrated Tutorial. Part 1.

Roto Brush v2 tutorial 1

The Roto Brush tool in After Effects is essential when you want to place something – fx text or a 3D object – between an actor in the foreground and the rest of the post-production scene. And since Roto Brush v2, it’s never been easier. This 11-step tutorial walks you through all the basic steps …

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How To Convert A RotoBrush Selection To A Keyframed Mask In After Effects

Rotoscope to keyframed mask after effects

Did you know that you don’t have to manually create and track masks with the pen tool in Adobe After Effects if you’ve already created a RotoBrush selection? Instead, you can quickly and easily create keyframed masks from a subject/object you’ve already rotoscoped. The trick is to use the auto-trace function. In this illustrated guide, …

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How to make a lightsaber and X-wing scene in After Effects

Lightsaber X-wing tutorial After Effects

You can’t claim to be a filmmaker if you haven’t at some point tried to make a scene with a lightsaber! The lightsaber has become such a cultural icon since it was first shown on the big screen in 1977, and a lot of filmmakers have tried to duplicate the effect through the years. I’m …

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