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Jan Sørup

My name is Jan Sørup. I’m the founder of FilmDaft and editor-in-chief.

I own Apertura, a Danish company that produces video content for companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

I always strive to publish high-quality content that is helpful and interesting to read for indie filmmakers, small video production companies, vloggers, screenwriters, and others engaged in video content production.

Being a movie buff, I also like to write about niche movies and movie quotes that I think are examples of excellent screenwriting, acting, cinematography, and the overall filmmaking trade.

In other words, I try to publish content I want to read myself.

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best good gifts for film students

Good Christmas Gift Ideas For Film Students (2023)

Finding the perfect gift for someone is rarely easy. Luckily, when shopping for a film student, you already know their favorite topic – film. And there are a lot of good, fun, and useful gifts to give that are affordable. The following options are great gift ideas for film students, no matter the occasion. Whether…

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Voice Acting Salary - featured image

How Much Do Voice Actors Make? Voice Acting Salary (2024)

When hearing the phrase “voice acting,” many automatically gravitate toward the entertainment industry and animated characters for cartoons and Disney movies.  While that is a monumental market for many professional voice actors, voice-over work offers many other career paths for voice talent. Other paths include video game voice actors, radio artists, voice-over documentary workers, audiobook…

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how to start acting with no experience - featured image

From Zero to Hero: How to Start Acting With No Experience

Starting an acting career without any prior experience might seem like a daunting task. But here is the good news – all of your favorite actors had to start somewhere!  With the right mindset, dedication, and willingness to put in the hard work, it’s entirely possible to build a successful career in the entertainment industry.…

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best sci-fi comedy movies - featured image

Hilarious Sci-Fi Comedy Movies To Watch Before The Invasion

Sci-fi and comedy don’t often go together, but a surprisingly large number of comedy sci-fi movies should be considered for your next movie watch. These films include great oldies like Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton and Back to the Future and newer ones like The Lobster, which feel like a fever dream. So buckle in…

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Guide on How to get an Agent for Acting - featured image

New Talent? Your Guide on How to Get an Agent for Acting

Finding actual parts to audition for is challenging and tiring when you are an aspiring actor looking for roles. You need someone reliable whose job is to fuel your opportunity tank and give you as many chances to succeed as possible. The person that you need to help you is an agent. This article provides…

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best korean horror movies - featured image

Gripping Korean Horror Films That Will Keep You Up at Night

Some of the most underrated films within the horror genre come from Korea, which is sad because they produce some of the best horror movies ever to grace the genre. Korean horror films often focus more on psychological horror and zombie apocalypse films, which is mostly what is on this list. However, there are several…

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