Editorial Process & Content Integrity

FilmDaft always aims to serve you with trustworthy information, easy to access and meticulously fact-checked for accuracy.

To ensure this, FilmDaft is committed to a robust editorial process that provides you with the highest quality content.

How FilmDaft Delivers Trustworthy, Accessible, and Precise Information

At FilmDaft, we shape and refine all our content around four core principles of our editorial process:

  1. Stringent journalistic principles.

    FilmDaft adheres to stringent journalistic principles, meaning the content is impartial, balanced, timely, actionable, supported by research, honest, and thorough.

    Our team of writers are all experts within their field. Fx, an article about acting is written by a professional actor, an article about screenwriting is written by a professional screenwriter, an article about camera gear is written by a professional videographer, and so forth.

  2. Earning and maintaining trust.

    FilmDaft delivers content you can rely on—well-researched, clear, understandable, accessible, considerate, and practical.

  3. Accuracy and fact-checking.

    All content undergoes a thorough check. Before publication, our chief editor ensures that each piece meets our strict standards of clarity, accuracy, quality sourcing, and inclusive language.

  4. Regularly reviewing and refreshing our content. You’ll see:
    • “Written on” date—when content is first written and published.
    • “Updated on” date—when any content is revised.

      To keep our content fresh, we do regular audits to update terminology, reflect tech trends, and undertake prompt action based on reader feedback.

FilmDaft’s Approach to Buyer’s Guides and Reviews

Writers on FilmDaft who write about the software or equipment used in video production and filmmaking – such as cameras, lenses, tripods, sliders, etc. – are all used to making film themselves.

In the case of reviews, you can trust that we’ve used the equipment.

In the case of recommended gear buyer guides, you can trust that we’ve thoroughly researched what equipment is sensible, provides good value for the money, and is of good quality.

We confer with other videographers who own the gear whenever possible to discuss the pros and cons. FilmDaft regularly hires professionals who own a particular piece of equipment for a thorough review.

Under any circumstance, we don’t recommend gear; we wouldn’t mind buying and using it ourselves.

FilmDaft’s stance on AI content

AI technology, such as ChatGPT, Bard/Gemini, etc., is sometimes used for idea generation or article outline, most of which is scrapped in the editing process.

FilmDaft never publishes AI-generated content that a human hasn’t thoroughly processed, fact-checked, and edited!

FilmDaft’s Editorial Process, Designed for You

You are our priority at FilmDaft. We aim to be your ally in indie filmmaking.

The editorial Process is the backbone of our commitment to provide you with the most precise, relevant, and accessible content.

We’re dedicated to continuous improvement and welcome your input.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the accuracy or practicality of our content or if an article seems outdated, please reach out through this page at FilmDaft (at) gmail.com.