Best Free Tutorials For Learning Color Grading In DaVinci Resolve

color grading best free tutorials online

If you’re new to DaVinci Resolve and color grading and, it can seem pretty daunting to get started. DaVinci Resolve is an awesome program for color grading, and the best part is that the basic version of it is totally free. And the basic version will take you a long way in your color grading. …

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Crushed Shadows and Blown Highlights Explained With Examples

crushed blacks blown highlights featured image v1 Custom

Top photo: The blue areas are crushed shadows (crushed blacks) and the red areas are blown highlights. As a videographer, balancing your exposure is always a major consideration. Indoors or outdoors you’ve undoubtedly encountered situations where you can’t find the perfect setting to pick up the range of light and details before you. This is …

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Guide: Look, LOG, LUT, White Balance, Picture Profile & RAW

Looks LUTs and LOG

If you’re just starting out making vlogs or videos, at one point you’ll stumble upon the technical terms camera look, log camera profiles, and LUTs. But is the difference between a look, LOG, and a LUT when it comes to video? Looks, logs, and LUTs all impact the color of the recorded image in some …

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Color Correction vs. Color Grading: What Is The Difference?

Color grading vs color correcting

Most aspiring filmmakers struggle with trying to achieve the coveted ‘cinematic look.’ Two of the most critical and often misunderstood topics in the process which lead toward such a look are color grading and color correction. So what is the difference between color correction and color grading? Color correction means fixing colors to represent reality …

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