What Is Method Acting? And Who Is A Method Actor?

what is method acting

One of the most important elements to a film’s success is the performance of the actors. Actors have to be able to match the tone of the project, perform consistently, and take direction while still remaining believable. If done well, the result is a compelling performance that captures an audience. In order to obtain such …

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The Dutch Angle Shot: Definition & Examples

Dutch Angle Shot meaning definition Vector shotfilm screenshot

As a filmmaker, a lot of consideration has to be put into every shot. The framing and composition of your subject can dramatically change how your image is interpreted, and understanding different angles allows you to communicate emotion effectively.  There are many angles and shots, but one of the most distinct and dramatic is the …

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What Is Continuity Editing In Film? A Quick Rundown.

Continuity editing in film

There are many types of video editing techniques video editors use to tell a compelling story. We’ve already covered most of those in this brief overview. Today I want to dive deeper into the technique of continuity editing. So let’s start with a short definition; what IS continuity editing exactly? Continuity editing is cutting the …

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The Difference Between Horror vs. Thriller Film Genres Explained

The difference between horror and thriller movies and film

Are you also having difficulties understanding what the difference is between a horror and a thriller movie? Have you ever thought about why one movie leaves you with a subtle feeling of anxiety while others inflict terror into your soul? Make sure to check out the 50 best horror films of all time. Well, you’re …

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Best Films To Watch To Learn Filmmaking On Your Own.

127500813 s

How do you learn more about filmmaking? Most filmmakers learn by watching those who came before them. Watching movies helps you understand the craft better. When you watch the work of master directors, cinematographers, and actors, you gain more insight into what it takes to produce a quality film. Before enrolling in film school, check …

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Why Are Gangster Films So Popular?

Why are gangster movies so popular

They’re memorable, and they’re exciting. They’re gangster movies, and audiences everywhere love them. But why are gangster movies so popular? The gangster movie presents a narrative of a reality many people admire: It’s the story of a down-on-his-luck wiseguy rising through the ranks by any means necessary. The movie’s themes (power, loyalty, and betrayal) relate …

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How To Use Ethos, Logos, And Pathos In Film (With Examples). Part 1.

Ethos Logos Pathos in film

Think about your favorite films. What makes them your favorite?  Usually, it’s because there’s some memorable moment, dialogue, character, or message behind them that makes them persuasive.  Have you ever wondered what makes these movies so persuasive? It’s because filmmakers use rhetorical skills like ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade audiences over to their point …

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Why Are Zombie Movies So Popular?

Why are zombie movies so popular

WARNING: This article contains excessive use of puns, blood, and gore. Read at your own risk. There must be something in the water. No matter how many times the genre appears to die, somehow, it always comes back to life. Tip: See the best zombie movies of all time. In general, the horror genre is …

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Mise-en-scene Explained. An Illustrated Guide

149588306 s

An often-used concept, when people are talking about the film, is the French term mise-en-scene. If you’ve ever wondered what lies behind that fancy French concept, I’ve created this illustrated guide. But first, let’s have a brief definition of the meaning of mise en scene: Mise-en-scéne in a film is everything you see on the …

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