ADR, Dubbing, And Looping In Film Explained (By A Pro)

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This article will provide a basic definition of ADR, suggest some scenarios where it can be helpful, and talk about the essential tools and processes involved. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the technology the pros use to streamline the process and get awesome results. So what is ADR exactly? ADR stands for Automated Dialog …

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The Best Royalty-free Gun Sounds (Free and Paid)

Best royalty free gun sound effects

You need gun sound effects for your latest project, and you’re all out of ammo? Not every aspiring filmmaker has an award-winning sound designer or state-of-the-art foley studio on hand. If you’re desperate, you might find yourself banging together pots and pans in your mom’s kitchen to get the proper sound effects for your next …

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How To Get Good Audio For DSLR Cameras. Beginner’s Guide Illustrated.

external recorder

As a filmmaker, you can get a lot of incredible footage out of a DSLR or mirrorless camera. These cameras are versatile and cheaper alternatives to professional video cameras, and it’s pretty easy to get great footage out of the box without any fancy accessories. But, no matter how good your footage is, it’s only …

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Epidemic Sound: Your One-Stop To Royalty-free Music & SFX

Epidemic Sound e1580936363836

As recurring readers of FilmDaft might know, I’m currently working on my first short film. The film is a sci-fi film set in a dystopic post-apocalyptic wasteland. There is no dialogue, so the film is carried entirely by the images, a bit of text, and the sound and music in the film. I’ve now reached …

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A Guide To Shotgun Microphones And Boom Poles For Filmmaking

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An essential part of video production and filmmaking is ensuring you have quality sound. Regardless of the pictures, a project with poor quality audio will be difficult to watch. Unfortunately, in-camera microphones do not offer clear audio, so instead, we have to find other ways to record good audio. There are plenty of different ways …

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Best Places For Royalty-Free Sound Effects Online

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I’m not much of a video editor these days, but back when I was directing and editing my own projects more often, the sound design stage of the edit was always one of my most dreaded. This was mostly because it was virtually impossible to lock down an indie sound designer on a shoestring budget, …

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Guide: Royalty Free Music For Video. What, Why, Where, How?

film score speaker cinema 1

Music is a fantastic way to create a certain mood or atmosphere in your video. But you can’t just take your favorite track of the month and use it as background music in your next client video or YouTube-vlog. If you do so, you might get sued by the record company and end up having …

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How to Get Great Music for Your Short Film

Royalty free music for short films

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of film soundtracks. From The Dark Knight to Harry Potter, from Star Wars to The Godfather, great scores in film can stand on their own and bring to mind the epic, emotional, intense, or action-packed moments they accompanied when you first watched a film. Doubtless …

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How To Record A Great Voice-Over For Your Video

Voice over

In this article, I am going to lead you through the stages of how to do an excellent voice-over for video. First, we will look at how to prepare for recording. Second, we will look at a simple studio set-up, i.e. the essential gear you need to buy. So let’s get started. Write a good …

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