Five Best Microphone Boom Arms (Budget To Pro)

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Mounting a microphone ensures that you will not accidentally record handling noise and allows hands-free recording. There are various methods to mount microphones, but boom arms are widely considered the most ergonomic and convenient way to do so. However, often it isn’t easy to differentiate between prices and quality. Today, I have selected five of …

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Top 8 Best Budget-Friendly On-Camera Shotgun Microphones 2023

best budget shotgun microphone

You cannot make professional videos without high-quality audio. And the in-built microphone, which comes with your camera, just doesn’t cut it if you want to capture the natural sound of a scene or an interview. One way to improve the quality of your audio significantly is to use an on-camera shotgun microphone, which can be …

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10 Best Budget External Camera Monitor For Video [Buyer’s Guide]

best external camera monitor for video

In this article, you can see the best external monitors for video recording on the market today. If this is the first time you’re buying a monitor or want to brush up on your knowledge, I recommend you read the thorough guide after all the top picks of the monitor jungle before making your final …

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7 Best Budget-Friendly LED Lighting Kits For Video 2023

Best budget video lighting kit for video featured image

The lighting kits in this article are entry-level lights, which are great for starting out and learning the basics. For portable lighting kits, we recommend our guide Best Portable LED Video Lights For DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras. For professional lighting kits, we recommend our guide Best Professional Video Lighting Kits For Any Budget instead. Are …

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5 Best External Recorders For Video (2023)

Best external recorders for video featured image

External video recorders and monitors are powerful and versatile tools that can assist you in filmmaking. Whether you’re shooting on cinema or mirrorless cameras, the larger screen can give you a better preview of your final project and even help improve your image quality. After all, the rear screen on many cameras is tiny, and …

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Hands-On Review: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K

BMPC4K Review

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K (aka BMPCC4K) was initially released in 2018 by Blackmagic Design. This camera is an upgrade to the popular Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera released several years prior. More importantly, this camera looked to be an upgrade to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K and 4K with its functionality.  According to Blackmagic’s website, …

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Low Budget Filmmaking Equipment List: What Do You Actually Need?

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So, you want to become a filmmaker? Maybe you’re a young dreamer like I was, maybe you’ve taken a liking to a new challenge later in life, or maybe you are somewhere in the middle. Regardless, as a newbie filmmaker, you are going to need equipment. Films use audio and video like a painting uses …

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Best Cameras For Beginner Filmmakers

Best Camera For Beginner Filmmakers

As a beginner filmmaker, choosing the right camera can be a daunting task. There is so much technical lingo that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Low budget filmmaking is one of my specialties, and I have a lot of experience working with all types of cameras.  The camera is one of the tools to …

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