Best Places For Public Domain Footage You Can Use For Free

Public Domain Footage

Using footage that isn’t originally yours can be complicated, and if you have to license the rights, expensive. Especially if you’re an independent filmmaker, it often is not a good use of your budget to license a clip to be used once in the film. That said, there is plenty of footage out there that …

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Free Production Equipment Packing Checklist For Download

Equipment packing list 2

Everyone who has ever made a film or video production knows that there’s a lot of gear to pack. It’s easy to forget something important, and nothing is more stressful than standing there on location and find out that you forgot your CFast cards, SDI cable, or the last light stand. That’s why I find …

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Best Free Beginner Tutorials For Learning Premiere Pro Fast

Bilkirkegården screenshot Premiere Pro Custom

If you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro, it can seem pretty daunting to get started. There are lots and lots of options, and if you’re not used to working in a non-linear editor (NLE) like this, it’s good to watch some online video tutorials that can get you started. And let me start by saying, …

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Best Free Scriptwriting Software

38050482 s

Even if you’re just starting out with screenwriting, you’re probably familiar with the concept of screenwriting software. If not, screenwriting software refers to a specific type of word processor used by writers to write their screenplays. Unlike a typical word processor like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple’s Pages, screenwriting software formats everything you write …

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Best Free Plug-Ins For Adobe Premiere Pro

Best free presets Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a lot of useful effects included. But sometimes you need a third-party plug-in or preset to get the results you want. While you have to pay for some third-party plug-ins there are a lot of really cool plug-ins that are totally free. Here I’ve compiled a list of the best free …

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Free Cinematic LUTs For Color Grading

color grading free luts

I love LUTs. I think they’re a great way to quickly get a cinematic result with only a bit of tweaking. They’re also a quick way to try out some creative looks and ideas for color grading, which I wouldn’t have come up with myself. If you’re unfamiliar with LUTs, color grading, and color correction, …

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Best Free Plug-Ins For Adobe After Effects

SW Sjov 2

One of the things, that makes Adobe After Effects so powerful is the number of third-party plug-ins, which are available, which makes it even more versatile. And the cool thing is, that a lot of these incredible plug-ins are totally free. So I decided to make a list of free plug-ins for AE. 3D Lighting …

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Best Free Video Editing Software (Mac, PC, Linux, Online)

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac PC Linux and Online

While most professional video editors use one of three main programs (AVID, Adobe Premiere, or less often Final Cut Pro), those programs can oftentimes be prohibitively expensive for the rest of us, and especially for those just starting out in film and video production for the first time. So I decided to look into what …

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