Handpicked, Cost-Free Premiere Pro Plug-Ins and Presets


Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a lot of useful effects included. But sometimes need a third-party plug-in or preset to get the desired results.

While you have to pay for some third-party plug-ins, there are a lot of really cool plug-ins that are free. Here, I’ve compiled a list of the best free plug-ins, presets, and overlays for Premiere Pro.

Audio Tools

Vashi’s 12-pack Audio Presets by VashiVisuals is a great free toolkit for quickly cleaning up your audio tracks. They’re useful for making your speech audible and removing problems such as a boomy room, low-frequency rumbles, etc. The download link is at the top, just below the frequency sheet. If you’re new to audio, I recommend you read the article, which is also good.


Destruction Presets by Tyler is a sweet pack of glitchy presets you can drag and drop onto your footage to create edgy titles, slideshows, or animations.

Glitch Presets by Eri is a cool pack of 5 free glitch presets for Premiere Pro. They’re easy to use. Simply drag and drop them onto your footage.

Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets

Jarle’s Premiere Pro Presets is a great collection of usable free plug-ins for Premiere Pro, which I use all the time. It has useful tools for color grading, audio, matte and keying tools, and transitions.

Plus, it includes the awesome Deadpool Handheld Camera Shakes, which were used in the film, which is a great way to spice up a boring tripod recording.

Motion Graphics

PremiumBeat’s 21 Free Motion Graphics Pack is a nice pack of motion graphics elements such as titles and transitions.


4K Light and Dust Overlays by Rocketstock is a nice pack of overlays for adding volumetric light leaks and dust to your footage. They’re great for quickly adding a bit of extra atmosphere, but you can also use the light leaks for creating transitions. See for yourself:

Anamorphic Lens Flares by PremiumBeat is a cool pack of 17 lens flares you can put on top of your footage. If you’re unfamiliar with the anamorphic lenses, they are especially known for creating nice oval bokeh and some cool lens flares. This is more an overlay than a plug-in, but it’s still cool. See for yourself:

Good Bad Titles by Eri is a cool little pack for creating cool-looking titles in Premiere Pro. Simply drag and drop onto your footage.

Transition Packs

AK Visuals Music Video Transition Pack is an awesome collection of 25 glitchy, flashy, swirly, and color-burn-y transitions to spice up your music videos, YouTube travel videos, and more. You can also purchase the full pack, which includes even more of the same good stuff. See for yourself:

Debrup Travel & Films transitions pack is a Sam Colder-inspired travel transition pack with all the spins, zooms, slides, and warps you need for your YouTube travel vlogs. See for yourself:

Digital Wind 5 Free Ink Transitions is a pack of nice digital ink transitions—some of the best I’ve seen because they are smooth and organic-looking.

Film Roll Presets by Tyler is a fun little transitions pack that lets you create transitions with a style similar to 8mm and 16mm film rolls.

Orange 83 Transition Pack #6 is a Wall Zoom transitions pack great for travel videos, vlogs, food videos, and more. See for yourself:

Tylers’ Dynamic Strobe Transitions contain 15 cool strobe transition effects. Some have glitchy looks, and some remind me of CRT screens. So they’re not just some flashing strobe lights.

Luxury Leaks 10 Track Matte Transitions are some cool track matte transitions created by Josh Enobakhare. Check out his YouTube channel – a lot of good stuff about videography there. See for yourself:

I’ll keep adding plug-ins to this list as I find more high-quality free plug-ins.

If you know of any cool free plug-ins for Premiere Pro that you think should be on the list, please share them in the comment section below.


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