5 Pro Tips To Get Your Film Selected For A Film Festival

Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest

DISCLOSURE: AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. READ THE FULL DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. ALL AFFILIATE LINKS ARE MARKED #ad Featured Artwork by Giorgos Tsitras This guest post was written by Andrew Straeger, the Director at Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest. Straeger has over 30 years of experience in the film industry as a …

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How Long Should Your Short Film Be For A Festival?

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As an independent filmmaker creating short films and looking to submit them to festivals, you’ve probably wondered how long your short film should be in order to get accepted.  Many festival programmers offer different opinions on this, and each festival has their own rules about what the cut-off length is between a short film and …

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Strategy Guide: How To Submit Your Film To Film Festivals

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As a filmmaker of any kind, you’ve probably wondered about film festivals and how they work. No matter what country or city they are in, film festivals are events that are for screening films. Whether its feature-length film premieres, blocks of short films united by similar themes or genres, or television and web series screenings …

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How Do Short Films Make Money?

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Whether a first-time indie filmmaker or a serial short-film writer-producer-director veteran, you’ve probably asked the age-old question: how do short films make money? Or how about: Do short films ever make money? Or better yet, am I wasting my time and money making short films? If you’ve asked yourself any variation of the above, you’re …

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