Cinematic Black Bars Done The Right Way + Free Template Download

cinematic aspect ratio look film look

Sometimes you want your film or YouTube vlog to have black bars over and under your video to give your video a certain cinematic look and feel. The black bars frame your footage within a specific aspect ratio and remind people of watching Hollywood-movies in a Theater or on the flatscreen at home. Maybe you …

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What is Speed Ramping and How to Create it? (With video examples).


Have you ever watched a video online and marveled at the cool timing of a shot as it speeds up and slows down in perfect rhythm to the music? You might think this is a simple slow-motion effect, but it’s actually a slightly different technique called speed ramping. Speed ramping is a technique used to …

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How To Edit Video Clips To The Beat Of Music – The Easy Way

how to video edit to the beat of music

Music is an awesome way to spice up any video. It creates an atmosphere and can introduce dynamic to even boring B-roll footage. Also, music is the perfect tool to create coherency between clips recorded at different times, and at different places. In short, music is the glue, which binds all of your footage together …

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