The 5 Best 5K And 6K Affordable Video Cameras 2022

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There are many advantages to having higher resolution cameras, and now 4K, 5K, and even 6K cameras are affordable to the independent filmmaker. Even 12K has become somewhat affordable with the URSA Mini Pro 12K. These exciting changes allow even low-budget productions to experience the benefits of cameras exceeding 4K video. Whether it is the …

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Complete List Of RF Mount Cinema Lenses

Mitakon Speedmaster T1 Cinema Lens RF Mount

After I bought a RED Komodo, which comes with a Canon RF mount, I’ve been on the search for lenses – both cine and photography – that will work natively on that camera. So I’ve created this table with native RF mount cine lenses – great for Canon C70, RED Komodo, and similar cameras. I …

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Rode Wireless GO II Includes Two Transmitters To One Receiver


Rode just released the Røde Wirelss GO II Compact Microphone System, which includes two transmitters and one receiver. That way, you can do a two-person interview and only need to have one receiver unit on your camera. The Røde Wireless GO II is the latest iteration of the popular Rode Wireless GO microphone system, which …

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Best Smoke Fog Machine For Your Budget 2022

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A smoke machine can add just the right aesthetic touch for a cinematic opening or a theatrical music video transition. A smoke fog machine is an excellent option for everything from spicing up your product videos (and photos), adding an eerie atmosphere to the graveyard scene in your horror short film, and creating some exciting …

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Best Budget Anamorphic Lens for MFT Cameras 2022 (Modern Lenses)

Best budget anamorphic lens

Anamorphic lenses are awesome for creating a cinematic look. They capture a wider view than traditional spherical lenses, create beautiful oval bokeh and cool horizontal flares. The only drawback is the cost of anamorphic lenses. Top anamorphic lenses are costly. For micro four-thirds (MFT) sensors, it’s no different as anamorphic lenses tend to be more …

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Best Filmmaking Gear Deals Week #3, 2021

best filmmaking deals [year]

Again I’ve searched the www for the best deals on video and filmmaking gear. And boy, do I have some amazing offers for you this week! Have a look: Accessories: Core 2x Hypercore NEO 9 Mini 98Wh 14.8V V-Mount Battery with 2 Position Charger on Adorama (Regular Price: $799.00 – Instant Rebate: $250.00 = $549.00) Slinger Electronic Dry Cabinet For Camera …

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