The Kuleshov Effect Explained. An Illustrated Guide

The kuleshov effect Hitchcock

If you’ve ever wondered why an image of an inanimate object on screen made you cry, you probably have Lev Kuleshov to thank.  Lev Kuleshov was a Soviet filmmaker in the early 1900s that made famous, through a camera test where he cut a man’s neutral expression with different objects, that you can change the …

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What Is Plot In A Movie? Explained With Definitions & Examples

what is the plot in a movie featured image

As someone creating films or studying film theory, you know how important the plot of a story is to the overall narrative of a film, television show, or screenplay. But what is the definition of the plot in a movie? In short, the plot is what happens in a film, i.e., the narrative sequence of events that determine the …

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The 5 Key Ingredients To A Good Movie

The 5 Key Ingredients To A Good Movie featured image

Every time I watch a movie I don’t like, or that I think is bad, I find myself wondering: what are the key ingredients that separate good movies from bad movies? What actually makes a movie good? The key ingredients that make a movie “good” are when the acting, directing, writing, cinematography, and overall production …

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Why You Should Understand Diegetic/Non-Diegetic Sound Design In Movies

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Music and sound design are just as important elements for your short film or feature as the pictures. Understanding the diegetic and extra-diegetic aspects of your film and how it can be used to communicate to the viewer (and listener) is key for designing an effective soundscape. But what does the term diegesis mean, and …

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Understanding the 180-Degree Rule In Media

180 degree rule cinematography media meaning explained

If you have anything more than a passing interest in film and filmmaking, then you’ve probably heard of the 180-degree rule. Like most filmmaking principles, the 180-degree rule is not hard and fast. It can be broken at certain times when there is storytelling intent behind it. Before we talk about breaking the rules, however, …

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7 documentary film subgenres you need to know

7 documentaries subgenres you need to know featured image

Documentary films are an essential genre to master if you want to portray reality as it is. And the possibilities for picking a topic are endless. In its essence, documentaries hold all the lessons about human nature. Filming a documentary can teach you a lot as a filmmaker. You need to be able to observe …

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