Picked Online Acting Classes For Actors At Every Skill Level


Numerous platforms now offer comprehensive online acting classes, accommodating learners at all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or a professional actor.

Highly-regarded acting schools such as the Lee Strasberg Institute and the Barrow Group now offer some of the best online acting courses with master teachers with years of experience. 

The same applies to new online learning platforms such as MasterClass, Udemy, and SkillShare. These classes cover multiple acting techniques, improvisation, character development, voice acting, and audition preparation.

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In this article, I’ll show you the best online acting classes that offer exceptional training programs for all skill levels.

So let’s get started!

1. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute

For those looking to hone their acting skills from the comfort of their own homes, the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute offers a comprehensive online acting program.

It effectively teaches the principles of Lee Strasberg’s Method of Acting to students aged 18 and over through live, interactive Zoom classes.

The program promotes building emotional depth, mastering method acting techniques, in-depth scene study, character development, and audition preparation.

The Lee Strasberg online acting program offers month-long virtual classes. Except for their youth program, that’s extended to 3 months.  

The course is designed for all ages over 18, with the age ranges ranging from college students to retirees. The course teaches students about method acting and how to master it.  

All classes are taken on Zoom, while they offer on-campus courses in New York and Los Angeles. This is a convenient way to get quality training and practice done virtually.  

There are interactive classes where teachers give individual feedback and provide thorough instructions. 


There are three courses available.  

Method 101: This month-long course provides the foundation for the Lee Strasberg Method technique and costs $350 at the time of writing. 

Method In Focus: This is a month-long, more focused study of Method acting. It is open to students who have completed Method 101 and is also $350 at the time of writing. 

Young Actors: This is an Online Method 12-week course for grades 7-12. Which meet on Saturdays. This course costs $1200 at the time of writing. 

2. The Online Actor

The Online Actor is an online acting school offering various tailored courses that cater to different stages of your acting journey.

It provides comprehensive online acting techniques, digital resources, and remote exercises.

The platform also offers guidance for virtual auditions, fostering an online acting community that encourages innovation and continuous learning.

The Online actor was founded by Vas Saranga and his actress wife, Marina Saranga. 

They focus primarily on-screen acting and have courses for beginners through advanced studies.

Some of the concepts you’ll learn include:

  • On-Camera technique 
  • Scene Study 
  • Character Development 
  • Audition technique 
  • Dramatic Improvisation 
  • Blocking 
  • Camera Awareness 
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration 

They also take pride in their affordable training. With pride in this, actors are encouraged to attend their free mini workshop and observe a class for free.


They have 18 plus workshops and Teens workshops (14-18 years) 

For an adult acting workshop, there’s a 4-hour session for beginners to learn the fundamentals of film acting. It also gives them much scene time to practice with other actors. This is an excellent route for those who want to enter the film industry. 

There are five categories in the adult program: Foundations, Core, Essentials, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level has four classes per level. Each class costs one credit. 

Advanced is labeled as ongoing for advanced students who want to craft their work continually.

Ranging from Beginner to Advanced. There are only three levels, but based on experience, actors will be placed accordingly.  

They also provide private coaching! Minors will need approval from a guardian to be able to attend. 

If you aren’t ready for this, you can send in a demo reel or monologue and will get feedback from one of their expert coaches. 


Their programs range from $50 to $100, while their introductory course on how to start your acting career is only $19 at the time of writing.

3. Stella Adler Studio Of Acting

Expanding your horizon, you might also consider the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, a revered institution that tailors their comprehensive training to the digital sphere. 

They focus on method acting techniques, Stanislavski’s approach to acting, and the impact of body language. You can read more on the Stella Adler technique here.

Their curriculum encourages exploring different acting techniques, emphasizing the importance of character development.

The Stella Adler online classes are ideal for beginner to intermediate actors eager to innovate their skills.

Online Classes  

There are three categories of actors workshops provided. 

  • Actors workshop (ages 18 plus)
    • Workshops are short-term courses 
    • Cover different training subjects 
    • Can meet once or a few times a week 
    • Programs range from introductory courses to advanced
  • Teen courses (ages 14-18)
    • Provides young actors with quality acting 
    • Same fundamental training as the Conservatory and NYU TISCH School of the Arts 
    • US residents and international
    • Acting Technique 1 + 2 covers the traditional Stella Adler concepts of action, circumstance, justification, and imagination.
    • College Prep: Monologues aims to prepare you for the monologue audition process of BFA and BA theatre programs.
    • Scene Study focuses on scene work exercises to connect with your fellow actors.
  • Young Artists Conservatory (ages 11-13)
    • Acting Technique
    • Improvisation 
    • Scene Study 
    • Voice and Movement.


The Actors Online Workshops (18+) tuition ranges from as low as $50/ $100 to $1300

The Teen Courses (14-18) tuition ranges from $200 – $300

The Young Artists (11-13) program requires contacting the Stella Adler Studio of Acting for more information. But they have an in-person program in NYC, which lasts six weeks and costs $475 at the time of writing.

So, hopefully, that should give you an idea of the price level.

4. The Barrow Group

Shifting your focus to another reputable institution, The Barrow Group offers a unique approach to theatre education with its online courses. 

They provide a wealth of acting techniques and exercises alongside insights into method acting.

They’re a non-profit organization based in New York City, has won multiple awards, and focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Adult workshop (18+): You’ll get various acting classes for adults, with the primary classes ranging from beginner to advanced. 

They also offer filmmaking/content creation, Directing, On-camera acting, voice/speech/dialect, etc.  

Kids Classes (ages 6-9): Various acting classes are also provided for the youth. Where they explore acting, music, and ensembles, and there are programs for summer camps. 

Tweens (ages 10-13): They offer more advanced options for acting and ensembles. Film, musical theatre, audition prep, specialty courses, and summer programs are included. 

Teens (ages 14-18): They provide the same for tweens, with more in-depth programs with the addition of writing programs.


I contacted the Barrow Group because I couldn’t find the price on the website. Here’s what they wrote:

Our online acting classes are $425 for an 8-week session that meets once a week for three hours. We also offer writing (solo show, playwriting, and screenwriting) online.

You can view upcoming classes and costs on our website here (make sure to use the filters on the left side to narrow the search to online classes).

5. Interlochen Online

Looking at another esteemed institution, Interlochen Online comprehensively explores acting techniques and scene study.

This online platform facilitates a unique acting community with benefits such as improving your acting skills at home.

It also offers guidance on how to get started and valuable tips for online auditions.

Interlochen Online is an excellent resource for aspiring actors seeking innovation in their craft.


They offer various classes for different age groups (Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and Adults).

Most online courses are four weeks long.

Classes include:

  • Acting Techniques: Monologues
  • Acting Techniques: Scene Study
  • Musical Theatre: Acting Techniques
  • Musical Theatre: Movement Techniques
  • Musical Theatre: Singing Techniques

If you plan to apply for BFA or BA theatre programs, I recommend you start by downloading their free lesson on Monologues.


Tuition for the four-week courses is $495 at the time of writing

Private lessons are $100 at the time of writing.

6. Natalie Portman teaches acting (Masterclass.com)

Experience the world of cinema through the eyes of the Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman in her illuminating MasterClass where she teaches acting.

Despite its shorter duration (20 video lessons running 2 hours 37 minutes total) to some of the week-long courses on this list, this masterclass offers rich and varied content, helpful assignments, and practical techniques, making it an excellent choice for aspiring actors.

The lesson plan includes essential elements such as getting to know and develop your character, dialect coaching, working on set and performing on camera, working with directors, improvisation, greenscreen work, and more. You also get access to inside knowledge from selected case studies, fx how she prepared for the role in Black Swan.


The annual membership of $120 gives you unlimited access to all current and new masterclass courses for a year. The price is ($10 per billed monthly) at the time of writing.

7. Samuel L. Jackson teaches acting (Masterclass.com)

Explore the art of performance with the Masterclass by the inimitable Samuel L. Jackson, a celebrated veteran of the acting industry with numerous blockbuster films to his credit, including Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Glass, and many more.

The course consists of 21 videos, running almost 5 hours in total.

The lessons offer a unique insight into Jackson’s approach to character development, breaking down a script, using your voice and body, working with directors and on-set collaboration, auditioning, growing your acting career, and more. You also get to dive deeply into a case study about Caveman’s Valentine, where he breaks down his performance as Romolus.

It emphasizes understanding the importance of voice and presence in acting.


The annual membership of $120 gives you unlimited access to all current and new masterclass courses for a year. The price is ($10 per billed monthly) at the time of writing.

8. Helen Mirren teaches acting (Masterclass.com)

Transitioning from Samuel L. Jackson’s Masterclass, another notable online offering is Helen Mirren’s Masterclass.

The course consists of 28 video lessons running 6 hours and 17 minutes.

Mirren’s teaching style explores different acting techniques, focusing on script interpretation, role research, and naturalism. She covers both stage acting and film acting, as well as how to create characters from research to costume, hair, and make-up.

As with Samuel L. Jackson and Natalie Portman, we also get breakdowns or case studies of some of her vital roles.

Despite some abstract advice, this course underlines the importance of voice training, offering a comprehensive approach to performance skills enhancement.


The annual membership of $120 gives you unlimited access to all current and new masterclass courses for a year. The price is ($10 per billed monthly) at the time of writing.

9. The Complete Acting Course (Udemy)

This popular course is created by Galadriel Stineman, who has worked professionally as an actress for over a decade doing popular TV shows, film, voice-over, and motion capture work.

Galadriel goes into subjects such as what drives and motivates a character, how to film self-tapes, and how to ace your next audition. The course also gives you plenty of practical exercises.


At the time of writing, the course cost €79.99 (around $85 US).

10. Acting for everyone (Udemy)

The next course on this list is Udemy’s ‘Acting for Everyone‘ by Serena Greenslade.

It’s an excellent class for beginners and acting students with several practical exercises. The tips and techniques provided can significantly improve your acting skills.

Elements include speaking without talking, using your face, creating feeling and atmosphere, using props, auditioning, and more.

The course consists of 23 lessons and runs about 2 hours in total.


At the time of writing, the course cost €54.99 (around $59 US). 

11. Acting Made Easy: Bringing Text to Life (Udemy)

Diving deeper into Udemy’s offerings, we find ‘Acting Made Easy: Bringing Text to Life (Monologues)‘.

This course focuses on delivering powerful monologues, a crucial skill for aspiring actors. Created by Dave Lovatt, who is an experienced acting teacher.

It hones your character development, emotional connection, and vocal techniques while emphasizing physicality in acting and authenticity in performances. It uses Stanslavski, Uta Hagen, and more acting techniques.

The lessons run 39 minutes.


The course costs €34.99 (approximately $38 US) at the time of writing. This gives you full lifetime access to the computer, mobile, and TV course.

12. Acting 101 for Adults (Udemy)

Switching gears, here’s ‘Acting 101 for Adults‘ on Udemy – a course designed to equip mature learners with the essential tools and techniques for excellent performance.

The unique thing about this course is that it covers traditional acting lessons such as character analysis and preparing a monologue. It dives into many aspects of acting that relate to your marketability as a professional actor.

The course covers agents and managers, knowing your type (branding yourself), audition preparation, commercial auditioning, SAG-AFTRA and casting, and basic slating.

If you’re looking for representation, I recommend you read this guide on how to get an agent.

Created by the Academy of Film, Fashion, and Design, this course runs 7 hours.


The course costs €84.99 (approximately $90 US) at the time of writing. This gives you full lifetime access to the computer, mobile, and TV course.

13. Professional 10-Hour Acting MasterClass (Udemy)

Venture into the dynamic realm of theatre and film with the Professional 10-Hour Acting MasterClass on Udemy.

You’ll discover techniques for improving stage presence and emotional authenticity, tips on practicing each day, memorization, analyzing a scene and script, and more.

But it also covers other aspects of the actors’ trade, such as creating headshots, developing confidence, auditioning, and working with a casting director.

A valuable resource for aspiring actors, this course offers an innovative approach to mastering the craft of acting.

​The full course length is 10 hours.


At the time of writing, the course cost €69.99 (around $75 US). This gives you full lifetime access to the computer, mobile, and TV course.

14. Acting Techniques MasterClass (Skillshare)

Next on your educational journey, consider the Acting Techniques MasterClass helmed by the seasoned actor and coach Leon Clingman.

The lessons provide a crash course into techniques such as Meisner, Stanislavski, Adler, Uta Hagen, Checkov, and more, helping you discern which approach suits you. 

In other words, this course is a great way to get an introduction to the most famous acting approaches and work great as a toolbox for becoming a better actor.


You can get a free membership trial for one month. After that, you can choose the monthly membership for $32 or the annual Premium membership for $168 (approximately roughly $14 per month).

15. Voice Acting & Character Voices for Video Games & Animations (Udemy)

The course ‘Voice Acting Character Voices for Video Games Animations‘ offers comprehensive training on various topics, including character voice creation, understanding the needs of game directors, setting up a home studio, and improving general health for superior voice performances.

The course aims to equip novice and experienced voice actors with the necessary skills to thrive in the growing gaming and animation industry.

It provides a detailed guide on developing a unique vocal range, enhancing one’s ability to portray various game characters.

Acquiring proficiency in various voice-acting techniques is crucial for creating a diverse range of character voices in the gaming and animation industry. Mastering the vocal range and developing unique character voices are key components of this learning process.

To evoke emotion in the audience, the following techniques are emphasized:

– Exploring pitch, pace, and volume to create distinct vocal variations,

– Experimenting with different accents and speech patterns to develop character-specific voices,

– Utilizing emotional cues to inject personality and depth into character performances.

The course provides detailed guidance on these techniques, equipping learners with the necessary skills to excel in the industry. With an innovative approach to teaching, it offers practical exercises and real-world examples to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

The course also underscores the importance of building a professional voice reel, showcasing a voice actor’s versatility and skill.

With innovative strategies and practical examples, this course is designed to foster creativity, professionalism, and adaptability in the dynamic field of voice acting.

The course runs 6.5 hours.


At the time of writing, the course cost €79.99 (around $85 US).

This gives you full lifetime access to the course on computer, mobile, and TV.

16. StageMilk Drama School

With over 10 years of industry experience, StageMilk Drama School offers an affordable and accessible 8-week drama school online program that provides high-quality training. With a maximum class size of 12, you receive personalized attention and support in StageMilk’s online acting course.

Get personal feedback, learn at your own pace, and receive career guidance from industry professionals.

With a user-friendly platform, HD video content, and a money-back guarantee, this course is designed to help you thrive in the entertainment industry.

The course’s comprehensive curriculum and personalized support make StageMilk’s online acting course a game-changer for aspiring actors. This innovative course offers a range of features that will help you become a confident and skilled performer.

You’ll also be able to engage in one-on-one feedback and career guidance through individual Zoom calls. With a clean and user-friendly online course platform, you can learn at your own pace and have lifetime access to course materials.

The course includes almost 10 hours of HD video content, giving you access to valuable insights from industry professionals.


In Week 1, you’ll embark on a Discovery Week, where your goals will be assessed, and personalized feedback will be given.

Week 2 focuses on mastering voice fundamentals and confident use of your voice.

In Week 3, you’ll develop comfort and confidence in body movement.

Week 4 is dedicated to mastering Shakespearean language and acting techniques.

Weeks 5 and 6 explore practical acting techniques, scene breakdown, and bringing characters to life.

Week 7 is about screen acting basics and techniques, while Week 8 focuses on overcoming nerves and confidently auditioning.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain insights into sustainable acting careers and industry challenges from professionals and experts.


The Stagemilk Drama School courses are $399 (one-off payment) or three payments of $149 at the time of writing.

17. Voice Acting with Nancy Cartwright (Masterclass.com)

MasterClass offers a comprehensive course on voice acting, led by Nancy Cartwright, renowned for her role as Bart Simpson. This course is a perfect blend of traditional voice acting techniques and modern innovations, catering to the needs of aspiring voice actors in the digital age.

It illuminates developing unique vocal types, honing voice acting techniques, and preparing for auditions.

By the way, also see this article if you’re looking for voice acting casting calls and want tips on auditioning for the part.

The course suits newcomers to voice acting and is a fantastic resource for those interested in exploring cartoon voices.

Cartwright’s extensive experience and knowledge foster a dynamic learning environment fostering creativity and progress. The course’s focus on innovation aligns seamlessly with the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, proving beneficial for all participants.


The annual membership of $120 gives you unlimited access to all current and new masterclass courses for a year. The price is ($10 per billed monthly) at the time of writing.

Choosing the Right Online Acting Class

Getting from being an amateur to a working actor takes a lot of hard work, and getting past that audition room and getting the part is no small task – something any successful actor can agree upon.

Online courses can help you develop new skills and take your acting to the next level. They are also an excellent first step for young actors who want to dip their toes into acting and for experienced actors who want to explore new paths.

Selecting the right course necessitates careful consideration of various factors, such as the instructor’s expertise, the development of specific skills, the techniques taught, the comprehensiveness of the syllabus, and the cost.

I hope this list has been of help to you so that you can find the best course for your needs.

​If you know of a great online acting course, please share it in the comments section below.

Best of luck on your acting journey.


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