Best Places to Find Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRT Files) Free and Paid 2023


One of the unique features of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects is the ability to create and use Motion Graphic Templates, also known as MOGRT files.

MOGRT files are a great way to add motion graphics to your video projects without the need to create them over and over again. MOGRT files are saved and stored in the .mogrt file extension that is easily transferred across machines.

I personally use MOGRT files on a lot of the video editing work I do for clients. I found myself using the same motion graphics consistently, so having those graphics in the MOGRT file format is a huge time saver.  

You can download a MOGRT file from a website and install it directly to Adobe Premiere Pro – or you can create them yourself.

Tip: You can learn how to import and install MOGRT files in this article.

And if you want to learn how to create your own MOGRT files, I’ve got you covered as well: Here’s how it’s done in Premiere Pro, and here’s a tutorial for creating MORGT files in After Effects.

Advantages to buying MOGRT files.

Purchasing MOGRT files saves you time from having to create these graphics on your own. This is great when you’re limited on time, but you still want to have amazing motion graphics.

Also, using templates others have made help get those creative juices flowing and open up for more possibilities in post-production.

Best places to buy or download MORGT files for free

Four websites dominate the MOGRT file space: Motion Array, Envato Elements, Storyblocks, and Adobe Stock. In my opinion, these are the best places to find MOGRT files.

Let’s examine each so you can decide which option is best for you. 

Note that all of this pricing and information is current to when this article was written.

So if you prefer to use some of the many cool templates already available online, here are the best places to find free and paid MOGRT files.

1. Motion Array (Free & Paid) 

Motion Array is my personal number one choice for finding MOGRT files. This is the only option of the four listed that offers both free and paid content.

Anyone starting to use MOGRT files should search around the Motion Array website and look at what is available.

Motion Array offers three plans for single users: Free, Monthly, and Annually.  

You will need to join the free plan to download any of the free content on the website. Motion Array limits users on the free plan to only a few downloads a day. 

The monthly plan costs $29.99USD per month and allows for unlimited downloads on any of the website’s content.  

The annual plan costs $249.99USD for one year. This plan has the same perks as the monthly plan but saves you more than $100USD if you buy the entire year. This is the best option if you plan to download MOGRT files frequently.

Motion Array also offers stock video, music, and more on top of motion graphics, so this is a great option for content creators.  

The monthly plan may be a better option if you’re on a budget. You can download as many MOGRT files as you want within 30 days and use them after your subscription ends.

Motion Array has a wide selection of MOGRT files, so you will have plenty of great options to get started.  

2. Envato Elements (Paid) 

Envato Elements currently is the cheapest of the four options.  

They offer one plan for single users at $16.50USD per month for unlimited downloads.

Note that you have to license the MOGRT file to a specific project. You will not be able to reuse MOGRT files used after your subscription ends. This shouldn’t be an issue if you plan to keep the service, but it may not be a great option if you want to use the MOGRT files beyond your subscription.

However, one of the biggest advantages of Envato Elements is the wide selection of MOGRT files. This is a huge pro if you want to have a wide selection to choose from while staying within a reasonable price.  

3. Storyblocks (Paid) 

Storyblocks‘ pricing is similar to Motion Array, but with a few key differences.  

Plans for a single user stock video and After Effects templates subscription start at $50.00USD per month for unlimited downloads.   

Storyblocks also has an annual plan for $240USD. This plan is less than half the cost of paying 12 months of the monthly subscription and is $10USD cheaper than Motion Array’s annual plan.  

Storyblocks has a very wide selection of MOGRT files available for download.

I currently have a Storyblocks subscription, and it’s not disappointed me thus far. You could pay for one month, download as much content as you want, and use it beyond your subscription. 

4. Adobe Stock (Paid) 

Adobe Stock is last on our list and is also the most expensive option of the four.

Single user plans start at $29.99USD per month and can also be paid for annually.

However, this is only for 3 or 10 assets, with the option to purchase additional assets for $2.99-$9.99USD per asset, depending on the plan. You can also purchase plans for a higher price with more assets.  

You also have the option to buy the MOGRT files without a subscription. This can be advantageous if you only want to buy MOGRT files when needed and don’t want to be stuck in a subscription. MOGRT files start at $19.99USD. 

Adobe Stock has a lot of high-quality assets, so this is an advantageous option if you can afford the premium price.  

Other Sources 

Here are a few honorable mentions.

Premium Beat is geared toward royalty-free music but also posts a lot of free assets for content creators. Here’s one of their free MOGRT packs.  

Mixkit has a few free MOGRT files that you can download and use with a limited license.

Filmbodega has one MOGRT file pack available for $10 on their website.

Also, have a look under our Free Stuff-section where you can find more free templates, plug-ins, and much more.

You can also do some searching on your own. There are plenty of independent content creators that sell downloadable video assets on their personal websites.


Using pre-made MOGRT files will save you a lot of time and headaches when using motion graphics.

I definitely recommend buying MOGRT files from any of the websites listed above.

Leave us a comment if you have any personal recommendations outside of our list.

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