7 Affordable RGB LED Lighting Panel Kits for Video Creators (2024)



RGB LED panels offer a versatile lighting solution for videography.

RGB LED panels can produce a full palette of reds, greens, blues, purples, teals, oranges, cyans, daylight, and tungsten.

Most panels also include preset lighting modes, allowing you to easily create the illusion of a police car outside the window or the flickering fire of a fireplace.

Here, I’ve curated a list of some affordable RGB LED panels that provide a lot of bang for the buck.

1. GVM RGB LED Video Light 800D Kit

The GVM RGB LED800D video light kit is one of the best budget-friendly deals, including three large LED panels with adjustable light stands. Each light contains 168 LEDs and 84 RGB LEDs.

The available lighting modes allow you to change the color to suit different shooting environments easily. You can choose from TV, candle, lightning, paparazzi, and more.

One issue with this light kit is the range of available color temperatures. You can adjust the color temperature between 3200K and 5600K, which offers a cool white color. You may need a different RGB LED panel for a warmer or cooler glow.

While the temperature range is limited, you can adjust various other settings. You can change the color temperature, lighting mode, or brightness using the onboard controls or a mobile app.

The GVM app is available for iOS and Android devices and provides greater convenience for controlling the settings.

The GVM RGB LED video lights also support the master and slave control modes. Instead of controlling each light individually, the commands sent to the master light are automatically sent to the other lights.


  • Includes three LED panels
  • The mobile app provides remote control
  • Supports master and slave control mode


  • Relatively limited temperature range

2. GVM RGB LED Video Light 1200D Kit

The GVM RGB LED 1200D video light kit includes two powerful LED panels. Each panel has 928 LEDs tested to provide over 100,000 hours of use.

The 50W LED panels each have a high color rendering index (CRI) rating of 97+, bringing out the natural colors in people, objects, and backgrounds. The LEDs are also very bright when used in the highest setting.

You also have the option to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness, and color temperature.

However, as with the previous GVM LED panel kit, these LED panels have a limited range of color temperatures.

The lights are powered with an AC adapter or a Sony F750/970 battery, but the kit does not include rechargeable batteries.

Other features include multiple lighting modes and control options, including master/slave control. You can use the onboard controls or download the GVM app to adjust the settings.

The kit also comes with two light stands and a carrying case. The entire set fits in the case and weighs about 23 pounds, allowing you to use it anywhere.

With these two LED panels, you should have no problem lighting a scene, whether spicing up the background in your short film, shooting an interview, or a vlog for your YouTube channel.

Just remember to purchase a rechargeable battery if you plan on using it in an area without access to an electrical outlet.


  • The powerful LED panels can light up any room
  • Includes two durable aluminum light stands
  • Allows you to power the lights with a rechargeable battery


  • The color temperatures are limited

3. Switti RGB LED Video Light Kit

The Switti RGB LED video light kit has two large RGB LED panels, light stands, and softboxes. The combination of accessories and powerful LED panels makes this a great value.

The softboxes help diffuse the light. Softer light is useful for eliminating shadows from other light sources or to avoid adding too much glare to objects or background elements.

The Switti RGB LED video panels each output 2050 lux at one meter. Most indoor settings have light levels between 500 and 1000 lux.

The color temperature is adjustable between 2600K and 10000K.

Each panel has 312 LED lamp beads and 240 RGB lamp beads with a CRI of 97 or higher. The onboard controls are on the back of the panels, including a large LED display with a clear view of the settings. The controls are a little confusing, as the panels use a multifunction adjustment knob.

The light panels are DC-powered and have battery slots. However, as with most LED panel kits, this set does not include rechargeable batteries.

With these two lights, you should have enough lighting to illuminate any scene, from a YouTube video to a corporate interview.


  • Comes with two softboxes
  • Offers a wide range of color temperatures
  • One of the brightest LED panels in this price range


  • The onboard controls are a little confusing
  • Does not support mobile control

4. Pixel P45 RGB LED Video Lighting Kit

The Pixel RGB LED Video Lighting Kit is a top recommendation for a cheap video panel that can brighten an entire room.

It is comparable to the previous kit, as both options emit about 7000 lux at 0.5 meters. The color temperatures also range between 2600K and 10000K.

However, this kit includes taller light stands and additional settings. You can choose from a larger selection of preset modes and adjust the hue, saturation, and color temperature.

And you can control the light from an app on your phone, which is nice, because you don’t have to walk to each light to adjust the settings each time – instead you can check your scene from behind your camera monitor to get you a better idea of how the final output will look like.


  • Includes two diffusers for softening the light
  • Provides a wide range of color temperatures
  • One of the most affordable LED panel light kits


  • Light stands could be of better quality.

5. GVM LED 2-Lights RGB Video Light Panel Kit

The GVM LED 2-light kit has two adjustable RGB LED panels, tripods, power adapters, and a carrying case for storing everything.

Thanks to its super-bright LEDs and various color temperatures, it provides a lot of bang for the buck.

The color temperature range is 2700K to 10000K. This covers almost the entire spectrum of color temperatures, from a warm red glow to cool blue moonlight and everything in between.

You can simulate various environments and settings using the manual controls or preset lighting modes.

The provided tripods have a maximum height of three feet. The LED panels and tripods use durable aluminum alloy for increased strength and protection against dropping.

As with many LED panels, the lights in this kit are fully adjustable. You can change the hue, saturation, brightness, and color temperature using the onboard controls or the GVM mobile app. The lights also support master/slave control.

The lights also have a high color rendering index (CRI). The CRI rating of 97 ensures accurate color reproduction, meaning that colors appear less washed out.


  • Wide range of color temperatures
  • Super bright LED panels
  • Includes durable, easily adjustable tripods


  • Does not include barn doors or flaps for focusing the light

6. Pixel Full Color Led Video Light

The Pixel Full Color LED 2-panel video light kit is versatile for photography or videography.

It has various color temperatures and can be powered with a DC power adapter or a rechargeable battery.

This kit is a great value, giving you a better deal for your money. It has powerful 45W LED panels that output 2050 lux at one meter and offers a wider range of color temperatures. You also get a carrying case, tall light stands, DC adapters, and two diffusers.

The LED light panels consist of 240 RGB and 312 LED lamp beads. The set provides 360-degree full-color and color temperatures between 2600K and 10000K, allowing you to set the lights to match any hue of the color spectrum.

As with several other light panels, the onboard controls include a multifunction control knob. Unfortunately, the panels do not work with a mobile app. If you want to quickly change the brightness or saturation, you can use the preset lighting modes.


  • Offers more value for your money
  • Covers the entire color spectrum
  • The light stands are durable and easy to adjust


  • The controls are not very straightforward

7. NEEWER 50W Photography Lighting with APP Intelligent Control System

If you want greater control over your RGB LED light panels, the NEEWER 50W photography lighting kit is a solid choice. It offers onboard controls with an LCD screen and remote control via a mobile app.

The controls are easy to understand, whether you use the onboard buttons and knobs or the mobile app. You can set the color temperature, brightness, and HSI parameters or switch to one of the lighting modes.

The set includes two diffusers, power adapters, two adjustable light stands, and a carrying bag. You can power the device with rechargeable batteries, which are sold separately.

Each LED panel includes 320 RGB lamp beads and 340 warm and cool LED lamp beads. These are among the more powerful LED panels. However, they offer fewer color temperature options. The color temperature is adjustable between 3200K and 5600K.


  • The LED panels are bright and fully adjustable
  • Works with a mobile app for remote control
  • The onboard menu is easy to navigate


  • Offers a limited range of color temperatures

RGB LED Panel Comparison Table

Color TemperatureNumber of LED lamp beads CRILUXControlPower SourcePower Consumption per lightAccessories
GVM RGB LED Video Light 800D Kit3200K to 5600K168 white + 84 RGB97+N/AOnboard, Mobile AppAC Power, Battery40WLight stands, Barn doors, Soft diffuser, Power Cords, Carrying Case
GVM RGB LED Video Light 1200D Kit3200K to 5600K928 LEDs97+22000 (0.5m)
Onboard, Mobile AppAC Power, Battery50WLight stands, Barndoors, Power Cords, Carrying Case
Switti RGB LED Video Light Kit2600K to 10000K312 white/yellow + 240 RGB97+7000(0.5 m)
OnboardDC Power, Battery50WLight Stands, Power Adapters, Soft Boxes, Carrying Bag
Pixel RGB LED Video Lighting Kit2600K to 10000K156 white + 156 yellow + 240 RGB97+7000 (0.5m) 2050(1m)OnboardDC Power, Battery50WLight Stands, Power Adapters, Diffusers, Carrying Bag
GVM LED 2-Lights RGB Video Light Panel Kit2700K to 10000K288 LEDs97+5000(0.5m)
Onboard, Mobile AppAC Power, Battery50WLight Stands, Power Adapters, Tripods, Carrying Bag
Pixel Full Color LED Video Light2600K to 10000K156 white + 156 yellow + 240 RGB97+5500 (0.5m)
2050 (1m)
OnboardDC Power, Battery45WLight Stands, Diffusers, Power Adapters, Carrying Bag
NEEWER 50W Photography Lighting with APP Intelligent Control System3200K to 5600K170 white + 170 yellow + 320 RGB97+7000 (0.5M)
2200 (1M)
Onboard, Mobile AppDC Power, Battery50WLight Stands, Power Adapters, Carrying Bags
RGB LED Panel Comparison Table

Features to look for when purchasing a budget-friendly RGB LED lighting panel or kit for video

Finding the best affordable RGB LED panel for video lighting can be challenging due to the vast array of options available.

Here’s a quick guide for you on what to look for:

1. Color Accuracy

– To ensure accurate color reproduction, look for panels with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) ratings, ideally above 95.

2. Brightness and Power

– Check the lux or lumen output to gauge the brightness. Also, consider if the panel is battery-operated, AC-powered, or both for versatility.

The amount of illumination is typically measured in lux at a specific distance, such as 1,000 lux at one meter. However, not all manufacturers list this detail.

3. Color Range

– RGB panels offer a wide color spectrum. Ensure the panel can produce a full range of colors and has adjustable color temperature settings, typically from 2500K to 6500K.

Also, look for one with effects such as lightning, police car, and fire place (most come with these), as they’re the ones I use the most.

4. Build Quality

– Look for a sturdy build that can handle the rigors of frequent use while still being light enough for portability.

5. Control Options

– Panels should offer easy control options on the unit itself or through a remote or mobile app. DMX compatibility can be a plus for advanced setups.

6. Size and Portability

– Consider the panel size for the type of work you do. Smaller panels are generally more portable, while larger ones provide a broader light spread.

7. Accessories

– Check if the panel has valuable accessories like diffusers, barn doors, or grids and is compatible with third-party accessories.

8. Warranty and Support

– Consider the warranty period and customer support in case you face any issues with the panel.

Final Thoughts

The ideal, affordable RGB LED panel balances price and functionality, offering bright illumination and a full spectrum of colors.

For budget-conscious videographers (like myself), they are a great option because of their versatility and many features. Plus, they don’t break the bank!

If you want smaller RGB lights you can mount on top of your camera, look at 5 Best Budget On-Camera RGB LED Lights For Video.


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