Trusted Websites for Finding Acting Auditions. A Detailed Guide.


Finding legitimate auditions in the ever-evolving entertainment industry can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

In this article, I have curated a list of the best casting services in the United States industry professionals have used for decades. 

These platforms have been meticulously selected to serve one purpose: to connect you with genuine, worthwhile auditions.

Here are some of the best acting audition websites:

#1. Backstage

Actor in front on the camera in an audition

As an actor on the quest for exciting auditions, you’ll find Backstage to be an invaluable ally. Backstage began as a publication in 1960 and has now evolved into an easy-to-use digital casting platform. 

With over six decades of experience in the industry, Backstage is a trusted and esteemed platform that caters to actors like you. It provides a rich array of casting opportunities and industry information.

Why it’s a good choice

Backstage boasts an extensive and diverse selection of auditions spanning film, TV, theater, commercials, and voice-over work.

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It also has sections for fashion models, influencers, content creators, and child actors looking for jobs.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of filtering and searching for roles based on your specific preferences. 

What sets Backstage apart is its detailed casting notices and easy-to-use audition filter feature. These offer a comprehensive understanding of the roles available and allow you to search by age range, project type, union status and affiliation, location, and more.

Subscribing to Backstage gives you access to premium features such as early audition notifications and priority support, ensuring you stay ahead in your pursuit of acting gigs. 

Your profile will include your resume, headshots, demo reel, performance clips, and contact information. 

There is an option to make this profile page searchable to the public, which many actors use instead of a website. This website has a free public forum for actors to connect and ask questions about auditions, callbacks, industry practices, etc. 

Additionally, a wealth of information is available in the form of weekly columns written by top industry experts, which are free to browse.

Available paid plans: 

  • Yearly: $8.33/month
  • 6-Month: $19.99/month
  • Monthly: $24.99/month

#2. Casting Networks

When it comes to connecting actors with casting opportunities, Casting Networks is a prominent and favored choice. 

This online platform is well-regarded by casting directors and industry professionals nationwide, positioning it as a vital resource for actors seeking their next roles.

Why it’s a good choice

Casting Networks’ hallmark feature lies in its extensive network of casting professionals.

By creating a profile on this platform, you become part of a trusted network that casting directors, agents, and producers rely on. This increased visibility significantly boosts your chances of being noticed and considered for auditions. 

Casting Networks also offers a comprehensive database of casting calls that matches your skills and preferences, and it provides a free basic profile, making it accessible to actors of all experience levels. 

However, you must upgrade to the premium subscription to submit for roles

You can upload your headshot, acting resume, and media files to be submitted to industry professionals. 

One unique feature of Casting Networks is the ability to maintain different profiles within the same system. For example, you can tailor one profile to commercial castings with bright, vibrant photos and a commercial demo reel and then maintain another profile that better markets you for dramatic theatrical projects

Once you choose a project to submit, you can select which profile you would like to showcase to casting directors for that specific role. This ability to curate your materials for each role can be a huge asset for actors with various skills. 

The premium plan offers a “Talent Scout” feature, which allows you to connect with agents and managers who are looking for clients like you! 

While other services primarily cast only extras/stand-ins or only principal/supporting roles, Casting Networks offers a pretty even mix of all types of roles on its “casting billboard.”

Available paid plans:

Premium: $25/month

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#3. Actors Access

casting call / audition / voice acting

Actors Access empowers actors to take control of their careers, Making it a superb choice for those actively seeking out auditions. 

This platform allows you to directly submit yourself for roles, putting the power in your hands.

Why it’s a good choice

Actors Access is celebrated for its transparency and user-friendliness. You can explore various casting calls for major film, TV, and commercial productions, as well as smaller independent projects. 

This platform is part of the “Breakdown Services” family, which top-notch TV/film casting directors utilize most frequently. Actors Access offers valuable resources like actor training and industry news to keep you informed and hone your skills. 

There is also a monthly “Talent Link,” which, for an additional fee, allows actors to connect with agents and managers to sign with potentially. 

With a basic plan, you can browse auditions but must pay $2 per submission to submit your materials to be considered for an audition.

The premium plan allows you to submit an unlimited number of times per year and is absolutely worth it. 

This platform also hosts “live EcoCasts,” which allow you to connect with the casting director and production team live through online video chat in a streamlined process that has become increasingly common in a post-pandemic industry. 

Actors Access allows you to “choose your own adventure” by charging per material uploaded rather than a flat fee. 

Two headshots may be uploaded free of charge – one commercial and one theatrical. Overall, this service is my top recommended and most used platform.

Available paid plans:

Premium: $68/year or $9.99/month

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#4. Casting Frontier

Casting Frontier is a valuable asset for actors seeking casting opportunities across various entertainment industries.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned actor looking to further your career, it’s an excellent choice.

Why it’s a good choice

Casting Frontier offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies searching for auditions and casting calls in your area. 

The platform also maintains an extensive database of talent profiles frequently accessed by casting directors when casting for their projects. 

Being part of Casting Frontier increases your visibility and the likelihood of being discovered by industry professionals. Moreover, the platform provides features like self-submissions and audition tracking, streamlining your audition process and keeping you organized and informed. 

This audition platform offers several types of productions but is most frequently used for commercial castings

The service tracks which roles you might be a good fit for by tagging each role with one, two, or three “stars.” This grade shows how strongly your profile matches what the casting director is searching for in a given role, allowing you to target your submission approach. 

You can create a free account to preview the platform but must purchase a plan to access the audition listings. 

In my experience, this casting platform is most frequently used by industry professionals in Los Angeles, with few opportunities to submit for projects in New York City and Atlanta.

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Available plans:

Premium: $149.99/year

Premium Plus: $199.99/year

#5: Central Casting 

Central Casting has a reputation for being the go-to agency for background actors, stand-ins, and more in the entertainment industry. 

Many successful actors get their start as background actors through Central Casting. If you’re a new actor, it’s a great way to learn what happens on a movie set.

The company has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Georgia, and Louisiana.

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Why it’s a good choice

Central Casting is a great place to earn a steady income while gaining valuable on-set experience and networking.

It’s a great resource for new talent wanting to get their feet wet in the film industry by doing background work or working as a stand-in (which I’ll get back to in a minute).

Signing up for Central Casting is straightforward: visit their official website and create a personal account, providing basic personal information and a profile picture. Central Casting also requires you to complete essential forms, such as a tax form and a talent release, so you can be ready to work when booked. 

Extra and stand-in casting is often booked with a quick turnaround, so your documents must be on file. 

Depending on your location, you may be required to attend an in-person registration session. This is typically a brief interview to confirm your eligibility and discuss your availability. 

Once registered, watch your email and phone for casting calls and job opportunities notifications.

Different plans

Central Casting offers different plans to accommodate various needs and preferences. 

The agency’s free registration option allows you to create a profile and be considered for background roles. This is an excellent choice if you’re starting or want to test the waters.

If you’re eager to increase your chances of landing roles quickly, the Fast Track program is a paid option that provides several benefits, including priority access to casting calls, the ability to upload additional photos and faster processing of your paperwork.

Pricing for this plan varies by location

Stand-in work

Additionally, Central Casting offers stand-in services for those who excel in this specialized role. Stand-ins are crucial in movie production, helping actors and directors perfect scenes before the principal actors step in

Central Casting also hosts workshops and training sessions for aspiring actors, helping you improve your skills and increase your chances of success in the industry. 


Backstage, Casting Networks, Actors Access, Casting Frontier, and Central Casting collectively provide actors like you with a treasure trove of opportunities to propel your career forward. 

They are the top casting websites online and an invaluable resource for the acting industry, as they streamline the entire casting process.

If you’re an aspiring actor (or have already had roles in feature films, for that matter) seeking auditions within motion pictures, TV shows, theater production, or voice-over work, these go-to resources have you covered. 

Add each casting service’s contact information to your address book to ensure you receive notifications when you receive an audition, callback, or booking. 

Each service allows you to be notified by text and email—I suggest signing up to be notified twice so that you never miss an opportunity! 

Remember that maintaining an up-to-date and compelling profile on these websites is essential, as it significantly boosts your chances of securing your next audition.

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