Gear Review: CineLight Redhead 800 Watt with Light Stand

CineLight Redhead in use

In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Redhead 800 Watt with a general purpose heavy-duty light stand from Here are links to said items: Redhead 800 Watt Baby Stand light stand 3.10 m Black cinefoil 30x1400mm I also purchased some black cinefoil from Cinelight. Redheads a know for spilling …

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Stop Making These 10 Common Mistakes When Shooting Video

Shooting a video can sometimes feel like an easy task, that can be figured out as you go. However, no matter the level of your knowledge and expertise, shooting mistakes can occur, and there are some things you will always have to think about beforehand. Here is a handy list of some common mistakes that …

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7 Essential Pieces of Video Gear For Beginner Filmmakers

So you finally decided to get serious about your career as a vlogger or filmmaker, right? You’ll have a lot of fun along the way since the video-making industry is exciting, profitable and continuously expanding. In fact, studies show that businesses which use video content grow up to 49% faster than those which don’t. But …

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The Eight Steps to Making a Short Film

Movies have always inspired you, yes? The medium speaks to you in a way no other ever has, or, you’re thinking, probably ever will. You subscribe to all the DIY YouTube channels; you’ve absorbed hours of interviews and podcasts featuring filmmakers talking about their craft; you’ve read and re-read articles like my previous one: How …

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Video Lighting Guide Part 3: Basic Lighting Setups

Lighting setup

Good lighting makes the scene. Knowing how to use light to advantage is crucial if you want to get good footage. In this article, I’ll guide you through the basic light setups for video – from 1-point lighting to 4-point lighting. The information is meant as a kind of recipe to get you started. In …

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How to use Proxies in Premiere Pro: An Illustrated Guide

proxies featured image

When you edit high-resolution video material such as FullHD and 4K it requires a computer with a lot of processing power to get a smooth playback inside of Premiere Pro. Things get even worse when you start to pour on effects. Your computer can end up struggling so much, that it gets impossible to do …

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How to Choose the Right Camera Settings for Video Production

Cameras today have lots of settings to choose from which can seem quite daunting if you’re just starting out. But you don’t need to fiddle with all these at first, because some of them are meant for very specific tasks. So what are the important basic settings on a camera for shooting video? The basic …

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How to Get into Filmmaking

Film crew working on a low budget film

Movies are great, right? They’re the ideal marriage of technology and storytelling; they’re transportive, cathartic, galvanizing; they introduce us to new points of view and induce us to think differently about our own; they are as unique as speech patterns, adapting and adopting the voices of their creators; they stimulate our minds and feed our …

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Six Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tripod for Video

Let’s face it, low-budget film and video work have always been a tough business, but in the last couple of years, video equipment has undergone a massive diversification in terms of products and price. While this trend has provided a slew of cheaper models, which is excellent for prosumers and people just starting in their …

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How To Record A Great Voice-Over For Your Video

In this article, I am going to lead you through the stages of how to do an excellent voice-over for video. First, we will look at how to prepare for recording. Second, we will look at a simple studio set-up, i.e. the essential gear you need to buy. So let’s get started. Write a good …

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