Strategy Guide: How To Submit Your Film To Film Festivals

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As a filmmaker of any kind, you’ve probably wondered about film festivals and how they work. No matter what country or city they are in, film festivals are events that are for screening films. Whether its feature-length film premieres, blocks of short films united by similar themes or genres, or television and web series screenings …

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Epidemic Sound: Your One-Stop To Royalty-free Music & SFX

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As recurring readers of FilmDaft might know, I’m currently working on my first short film. The film is a sci-fi film set in a dystopic post-apocalyptic wasteland. There is no dialogue, so the film is carried entirely by the images, a bit of text, and the sound and music in the film. I’ve now reached …

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What Ring Light Do YouTubers Use? Buyer’s Guide.

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Good lighting separates a good, professional-looking YouTube video from a bad one. And it’s what separates a good photo from a bad-looking one. And a ring light can get you good results fast. They’re easy to set up and fairly inexpensive, especially when you compare them to more elaborate lighting setups requiring more than one …

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Choosing Your Ideal Camera: Camcorders, DSLRs, or Mirrorless?

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DISCLOSURE: AS AN AMAZON ASSOCIATE I EARN FROM QUALIFYING PURCHASES. READ THE FULL DISCLOSURE FOR MORE INFO. ALL AFFILIATE LINKS ARE MARKED #ad Whether you are an indie filmmaker, YouTube vlogger, wedding videographer, or someone who needs to record your next vacation with your family, you will need an excellent camera to suit your needs. …

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How To Edit Video Clips To The Beat Of Music – The Easy Way

how to video edit to the beat of music

Music is an awesome way to spice up any video. It creates an atmosphere and can introduce dynamic to even boring B-roll footage. Also, music is the perfect tool to create coherency between clips recorded at different times, and at different places. In short, music is the glue, which binds all of your footage together …

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Free and Freemium Video Editors for PC, Mac, Linux, and Online

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac PC Linux and Online

Professional video editing software programs can be prohibitively expensive for most, especially those just starting in film and video production. So, I decided to look into what was available regarding free professional video editing alternatives. Here’s what I found and what I recommend based on my research: 1. Lightworks (PC, Mac, Linux) Lightworks is a …

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How to make a lightsaber and X-wing scene in After Effects

Lightsaber X-wing tutorial After Effects

You can’t claim to be a filmmaker if you haven’t tried to make a scene with a lightsaber at some point! The lightsaber has become such a cultural icon since it was first shown on the big screen in 1977, and many filmmakers have tried to duplicate the effect through the years. Check out the …

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How To Get Better Image Quality On Your YouTube Videos

How To Get Better Image Quality On Your YouTube Videos. Best YouTube codec explained

Update: After I initially wrote this article, YouTube included a new codec called AV1 (aka AV01) AV1 is not to be confused with the old AVC1 I write about in the article. AV1 offers better quality than VP09 – even at lower bit rates. It doesn’t look like you can force YouTube to play your own …

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Guide: Royalty Free Music For Video. What, Why, Where, How?

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Music is a fantastic way to create a certain mood or atmosphere in your video. But you can’t just take your favorite track of the month and use it as background music in your next client video or YouTube-vlog. If you do so, you might get sued by the record company and end up having …

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