How To Save TikTok Videos Without Posting [Illustrated Guide]


There are two ways to save your TikTok video without posting it first:

  • As a draft.
  • As a private video.

Here’s how you do both:

How to save a TikTok video as a draft and download it to your phone

  1. When done, tap ‘Next’ to go to the Post page
  2. Open TikTok and create a new video.
  3. Tap ‘Drafts’ in the bottom left corner
  4. Open the draft and tap save the video.
TikTok how to view drafts
From your profile page, under your posted videos, there’s a folder containing all your drafts. (Image credit: TikTok)

You can now view your downloaded videos in your camera roll. This is the most direct way to save a video without posting it.

You can also watch all your drafts from your profile page under your posted videos. They are in a folder called Drafts; you can see the number of drafts you are working on.

Tip: You can also make already created TikTok videos longer.

How to create and save a private TikTok video to your phone

  1. Launch the TikTok app and record a new video.
  2. When done, click ‘Next’ to get to the Post page.
  3. Under ‘Who can watch this video,’ select ‘Only Me’ (see photo 1 below).
  4. Now go to your profile and click the lock icon to view your private videos.
  5. Click the video you’ve just posted privately.
  6. Hit the three-dot menu button
  7. Click ‘save video’ (see Photo 2 below.)

If, for some reason, TikTok won’t let you save your video, check out this troubleshooting guide.

TikTok how to set video to private
Photo 1: set your TikTok video to ‘Only me’ if you want to post it as private.
(Image credit: TikTok)
TikTok how to save video camera roll
Photo 2: when you’ve clicked your private video, click ‘Save video’ to save your TikTok video to your smartphone’s camera roll.
(Image credit: TikTok)

This is helpful if you want to edit your video on another platform before uploading the downloaded TikTok video back to TikTok.

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