How To View Unlisted Videos On YouTube


To view unlisted videos on YouTube, you must either be logged into YouTube Studio or have a direct link to the unlisted video.

Here, I’ll walk you through:

  • How to access unlisted videos from YouTube Studio
  • How to share the link to an unlisted YouTube video
  • The difference between unlisted and private videos

Accessing Unlisted Videos From YouTube Studio

To access YouTube Studio, click on the icon for your account at the top right corner and then select YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu. You need to be logged in with your creator profile!

How to fin YouTube Studio

From there, click on the content in the left menu. This will take you to a page that shows all of your videos.

Tip: If you’ve already navigated to your channel page mentioned above, you can simply click on Manage Videos. This will take you directly to all your videos in YouTube Studio.

Even the unlisted videos will appear on this screen. Navigate to the unlisted video that you are looking for:

How to view unlisted videos on YouTube

How to see only your unlisted videos: Creating a filter

If you have a lot of videos on your channel to sift through, you can simplify things by creating a filter.

First, click on the Filter button and then choose Visibility from the drop-down menu:

YouTube visibility filter

Then check Unlisted and click Apply:

How to view unlisted videos on YouTube - create filter

Now you’ll get a list of all your unlisted video content.

Search for the video from within YouTube Studio

Another option is to search for the video in question: type a bit of the video’s title in the search bar at the top, and YouTube Studio will find it for you:

Search YouTube Studio for unlisted videos

How to change the status from Unlisted to Public

If your video is ready to be published, you can click on the small down arrow next to the video’s visibility status and change it to Public:

Change video status from unlisted to published YouTube

If you need to fill in details such as a description, click the three little dots (in the middle of the above photo) to access the options menu instead.

Can Subscribers See Unlisted Videos?

No, subscribers can’t see your unlisted videos unless you send them a direct link to the video.

Doing so opens up the possibility that the link will be shared, and then your private video can be seen by anyone who has the link. If you don’t share the link, no one but you can see the video.

How to share an unlisted YouTube Video

From the YouTube Studio channel overview, the easiest way to share a video is to click the options menu and then choose Get shareable link:

YouTube Studio Options menu
Get Shareable link YouTube

Click it, and the video link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Alternatively, if you want to make further changes to the video meta, you can click the pen icon to access the video details:

Access video details YouTube Studio

From here, copy the link to the video by clicking the copy icon on the right next to the video link:

Copy video link YouTube Studio

Now paste it in the mail or message you want it to appear in.

Private vs. Unlisted videos on YouTube

You can set a video on YouTube to Private, Unlisted, or Public.

So, what’s the difference between sharing a video privately and unlisting it?

Private means only those you invite can see the video, and they need to sign in to their Google Account to view your private video.

Unlisted means your video doesn’t appear in search results or your channel. But anyone with the link can watch the video and don’t need to be signed into their Google Account.

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