How To View Unlisted Videos On YouTube

You might have unlisted videos on your YouTube channel for various reasons. Perhaps you want to navigate to those videos, but you’re having a tough time.

This is a very common problem because YouTube doesn’t make it very straightforward to find your unlisted videos. How can you view the unlisted videos?

Keep reading to learn how to view unlisted videos on YouTube. Once you know what to do, navigating to the unlisted videos will be quick and simple.

This will allow you to make the videos public if you’d like to. 

Where Can I See My Unlisted Videos on YouTube?

There are two ways that you can see your unlisted videos on YouTube.

The first way is to access the videos by navigating to your YouTube channel page.

It’s also possible to get to the videos by using YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio will give you more options, and that’s what you’ll need to use if you wish to make changes to the video.

Below, I’ll explain how to do both.

How to Navigate to your YouTube Channel Page to view Unlisted Videos

Navigating to your YouTube channel page is very straightforward.

Simply click on the icon for your account on the top-right corner and then pick Your Channel from the drop-down menu.

You can then see all of your videos. Even unlisted videos will show up so long as you’re logged into your creator account. 

All you will be able to do while accessing YouTube normally is view the unlisted video.

You can’t make changes to the video’s status from the normal YouTube channel page or from the standard YouTube app.

This will make it easy to check out your own videos, though. If you ever want to view an unlisted video on your channel, then just go to the channel page. 

Accessing Unlisted Videos From YouTube Studio

Going to YouTube Studio to access your unlisted videos will give you many more options.

Simply click on the icon for your account on the top-right corner and then pick YouTube Studio from the drop-down menu.

From there, click on content in the left menu. This brings you to a page that will show all of your videos.

Tip: if you’ve already navigated to your channel page mentioned above, you can simply click on Manage Videos. This takes you directly to all your videos in YouTube Studio.

Even the unlisted videos will appear on this screen. Simply navigate to the unlisted video that you are looking for.

You can also make things simpler in case you have a ton of videos on your channel to sift through. You can check the visibility setting and look for videos that are marked as unlisted.

Search for the video from within YouTube Studio

Another option is to search for the video in question. Just type the title of the video in the search bar and YouTube studio will find it for you.

Once you’ve found the video that you’re looking for, you’ll need to click it to make changes. You can view it if you want, but you can also change its status or add metadata to it. 

You can choose to make the video public if you’re ready for your subscribers to see it. This can only be done when accessing the video from YouTube Studio. Make all of the necessary changes to the video before setting it to public. 

Can Subscribers See Unlisted Videos?

No, subscribers can’t see your unlisted videos unless you send them a direct link to the video. It is possible to share the video even when it’s unlisted. You can still show specific friends an unlisted video to get feedback, and you can do so by sharing the direct link.

Doing so opens up the possibility that the link will get shared around, and then your private video can be seen by anyone who happens to have the link. 

If you don’t share the link, then no one will be able to see the video. When you don’t want the video to become public, it’s going to be best to avoid sharing the link with anyone.

This keeps it from leaking out. You can control when you’re ready to share the video so long as you don’t have an auto-share service that is set up to share the video with people.

Private vs unlisted videos YouTube

On YouTube, you can set a video to Private, Unlisted, or Public.

So what’s the difference between sharing a video as private vs unlisted?

Private means only those you invite can see the video, and they need to sign in to their Google Account to view your private video. Unlisted means your video doesn’t show up in any search results or on your channel. But anyone with the link can watch the video, and they don’t need to be signed into their Google Account.


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