YouTube Channel Name Ideas. How To Come Up With The Perfect Name.


YouTube channel names should be catchy, memorable, and unique! Here are helpful hints, tips, and best practices for coming up with great ideas for your YouTube channel name.

I’ve also included an awesome AI prompt you can use to generate ideas based on this article’s advice. Plus, read reviews of the best YouTube name generators available online.

1. Make sure your channel name has a connection with your content

Before getting your YouTube channel up and running, it’s vital to plan! Determine exactly what type of content you’ll create and your target audience.

Consider what you’ll discuss and show on your channel, and brainstorm some names related to the content you’ll be putting out.

  • Is your channel about gaming? Make the channel name related to gaming.
  • Is your channel about cute pets? Make the name cute and pet-related.
  • Is your channel about cooking? Make the name related to the food niche you’re targeting.

You get the idea!

A channel name with a clear connection to its content is easier to remember than a jumble of random words!

2. Make it memorable! Don’t use random numbers or characters.

YouTube channel name ideas memorable

Your goal is to get viewers to return for more; they can’t do that if they can’t remember your channel name!

A good YouTube channel name is short, catchy, and rolls off the tongue! So be sure to come up with something unique and memorable.

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Avoid using random numbers, letters, or special characters at the end of your username—it can make it more difficult to pronounce and remember.

It’s a good idea to use a maximum of three words, as this makes it easier to remember. Case in point: Film Daft.

If you post more personal content, such as a vlog, use your name or nickname. This is easy to remember and connected to your content.

A good YouTube channel name is short, catchy, and rolls off the tongue!

– Me!

Another idea is to take a moment to write down a list of nouns and adjectives related to your channel’s content and mix and match them together or add them to your name for a unique channel name!

Before you settle on a name for your YouTube channel, say it out loud a few times and see how it sounds. Maybe even run it by a few friends to see what they think!

4. Be original, and remember to check if your channel name is available across platforms!

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This may seem obvious, but imitating or copying another person’s YouTube channel name is not a good idea.

Once you’ve come up with a name you like, do a quick Google search and see what results appear. Is there a website with that name as its URL? If so, it’s best to choose a different name. If your channel grows in popularity, you’ll want to be able to use that unique URL.

Another good idea is to check through different social media platforms to see if your potential name is available as a username. As you expand your channel and create accounts on different platforms, you’ll want to be able to use that same unique name for all of your profiles!

You can also use Namechk to see your channel name’s availability across multiple platforms.

5. Use AI to help you create a YouTube channel name

AI is a great way to generate some YouTube channel name ideas quickly.

Go to your preferred LLM – such as ChatGPT. Then try using this prompt I’ve created for you:

Generate 30 YouTube channel name ideas related to [insert topic or niche]. The channel will focus on [describe the content or theme of the channel]. The name should be catchy, memorable, and relevant to the content. Please provide a variety of one-word (no conjunctions), two-word (conjunctions), and three-word (conjunctions) channel name ideas, ensuring that the names are not longer than 16 characters and that two-word and three-word combinations appear as one word.

If you have a specific nickname or something else you want to include, you can add this line to the prompt:

Ensure the two-word and three-word channel name ideas always include [insert your word of choice].

6. Use a YouTube channel name generator

YouTube Name Generator

If you’re struggling with a name, quite a few short YouTube name generators are available to help you brainstorm and create the perfect one for your YouTube channel. Here are some good ones:


SpinXO lets you input your topic, focus or niche, keywords, things you like, important words, and numbers or letters.

For example, if you’re looking for ideas for YouTube channel names for girls who like makeup, you might type in “makeup review” or “makeup tutorial.”

You can also select whether you want the name to include the exact words you’ve typed and whether you want it to rhyme.

Each time you click the “Spin” button, you’re given a list of ideas for YouTube channels with 30 different names!

YouTube Name Generator

This short YouTube channel name generator strings together creative adjectives with video-related words. It also allows you to add a prefix, a word at the beginning of the YouTube name, and a suffix, a word at the end of the name.

You can click the “Generate YouTube Names” button as often as you like to get plenty of different options! The Name Generator puts all the names into a convenient list of YouTube channel name ideas, making it simple to choose a great name.

Best Username Generator

Best Username Generator is a short YouTube name generator that lets you enter keywords and your preferred number of characters in the name (10, 15, 18, or any of the above) before providing a creative list of YouTube names.

Every time you click “Generate,” you’ll receive 80 more possible YouTube channel names! This generator should make brainstorming a name for your YouTube channel easier.


I hope you found this helpful.

Be sure to take your time when deciding on a name for your YouTube channel! Connect it with your content, make it memorable and easy to talk about, and always be original

If you get stuck, try using a YouTube channel name generator to help you with a creative YouTube name list!

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