16 YouTube Video Ideas You Can Make As One Person


YouTube has matured, so some channels are huge setups with many people involved. But what if you’re a one-woman band without a group of people to help you create content?

In that case, you need great, simple ideas that are possible even when working alone, which is what this post is all about. So, without further ado, here are 16 YouTube video ideas you can make as one person.

1. Introduction Video

Introduction video YouTube idea

What better way to begin if you’re starting up a new YouTube channel than creating a great introduction video?

Depending on your channel, you can introduce yourself, your company, or your team. You can even create a high-quality “preview” for your channel, showing viewers the different types of content you’ll be sharing.

There are also more creative ideas for your introduction video, such as “Draw My Life,” where you tell viewers about yourself by doodling events from your life while narrating a voiceover.

2. Vlog

Vlogging is huge these days, and becoming a vlogger is one route to success! Viewers love to see that their favorite entertainers are real people, and vlogging allows them to observe your life and personality outside your typical content.

You can vlog pretty much anything—simple video ideas are key here. Your vlog could be about a typical day, your trip to the grocery store, or the process of cooking dinner… If you have loyal subscribers, they’ll be interested in everything you do as a vlogger!

3. Review Video

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Review videos are extremely popular and the perfect choice if you’re searching for simple video ideas. With the Internet at our fingertips, looking up product reviews before purchasing it is common.

The same goes for movies, TV shows, video games, recipes, technology—you name it—and people are looking for a review!

Regardless of your channel’s niche, you should easily be able to find something to review. Your subscribers value your opinion, so a review video is a great way to gain some YouTube traction.

4. Explainer Video

What is your channel all about? Do you have a product or service to talk about?

A brief explainer video is a great way to clarify common questions and give viewers some background information. It can also advertise your company, product, or service!

YouTube videos can be linked and shared across many different types of social media, so you can put your explainer video up on multiple platforms to engage with your audience.

5. Tutorial

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A tutorial is another idea that works for any channel.

What’s something you know how to do well? Whether it’s putting together an outfit, doing makeup, coding, pet care, or playing an instrument, there are people out there who are interested in learning how to do it!

Share your knowledge in a fun and easy-to-understand way. There are many creative ideas regarding YouTube tutorials, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

6. Q&A

A Q&A can be great for beginners and YouTubers with a following.

Beginners can ask friends and family on social media for questions they’d like to see answered in the video.

More experienced YouTubers can either ask subscribers for questions or collect common questions they’ve received in their videos’ comment sections.

Either way, a Q&A is a great way to engage with your audience and let your personality shine!

7. Milestone Video

YouTube Milestone video idea

A milestone video could celebrate your 10th video, 100th video, 100th subscriber, or millionth subscriber—you get the idea.

Anything you consider a milestone for your channel can be made into a milestone video. Celebrate with your subscribers and be proud of your accomplishments!

8. Contest

It doesn’t matter what kind of contest it is, as long as it relates to your channel and inspires your viewers to participate! You can make the contest a giveaway if you provide a product or service.

Make sure to brainstorm and put together a list of creative ideas. Adding your unique twist can always make your content stand out!

9. Storytime

Storytime is a great choice to showcase your personality and interact with your viewers. You can make it funny, emotional, or reflective—endless options!

Some funny video ideas include your most embarrassing moment, something silly you were punished for as a kid, and the worst gift you’ve ever received.

10. Opinion Video

Opinion YouTube video idea

For beginners and longtime YouTubers alike, opinion videos are a good way to engage with their audience and attract new viewers.

Respond to another YouTuber’s video, discuss something you think is overrated, share your political viewpoint, or discuss your favorite food.

Be yourself; show off your personality and be authentic.

11. Tips and Tricks Video

What are you good at? Share your secrets with your viewers by creating a video with handy tips and tricks.

A few examples are teaching your subscribers how to make a craft, beat a particularly tricky level of a video game, or do yoga. It’s up to you!

12. Travel Video

Travel video YouTube idea

Create a travel diary, a vacation lookbook, or a vlog detailing your experience while visiting a place far from home. You can talk about future travel plans, past travel memories, and the lessons you learned.

Show off your adventurous side or get creative with your camerawork in exotic locations. You can keep your video simple or go all-out on drone shots, time lapses, and beautiful, expensive resorts—your choice as the content creator!

13. Comedy Skit

It’s time to bring all of your funny video ideas to life.

You can perform a skit or choose to create a standup comedy routine. Showcase your one-of-a-kind sense of humor and show your viewers how hilarious you can be.

Humor is always a hot commodity, so don’t stop filming those funny video ideas you’ve been thinking about!

14. Mail Time

YouTube video ideas you can make as one person

If you already have a following on YouTube, chances are you’ll start getting mail from your fans. You might even get products sent by companies that hope to have their products featured on your channel.

Do a section called ‘Mail Time‘ where you open the mail and gifts people sent you. Depending on how much mail you’ve received and want to feature, this can be a part of another video or a whole one.

Make sure to mention who sent it to you, and always remember to say thank you. Your fans have taken the time to send it to you because they appreciate your work. Make sure to let them know that you appreciate them too.

15. Highlight Reel

This is an excellent idea for YouTubers who have been creating content for a while.

In a highlight reel video, you can show off the high points of your YouTube career, including your funniest or most popular moments.

You can even put together a blooper reel if you’d like! A highlight reel is similar to a walk down memory lane, reminiscing over all you’ve accomplished on your channel.

16. Music Video

YouTube music video idea

You can create a music video for one of your favorite songs or, if you’re a musician, for one of your songs.

You could also film a performance if you sing, rap, play an instrument, or make a video to show off a beat you’ve created.

The music niche is a big one, and it’s a great area to get into if you want to let your creative ideas flow.

The Bottom Line

It’s common for beginners and longtime YouTubers to get stuck trying to think of new content ideas.

But hopefully, our list has sparked your creativity and given you the simple video ideas you need to succeed on YouTube!

Whether you prefer creative ideas, lean towards becoming a vlogger, or enjoy funny video ideas, you can personalize any video to fit your channel and personality.

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  • Jan Sørup

    Jan Sørup is a indie filmmaker, videographer and photographer from Denmark. He owns filmdaft.com and the Danish company Apertura, which produces video content for big companies in Denmark and Scandinavia. Jan has a background in music, has drawn webcomics, and is a former lecturer at the University of Copenhagen.

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