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video tripod head with camcorder camera 1

Six Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tripod for Video

Let’s face it, low-budget film and video work have always been a tough business, but in the last couple of years, video equipment has undergone a massive diversification in terms of products and price. While this trend has provided a slew of cheaper models, which is excellent for prosumers and people just starting in their…

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Voice over

How To Record A Great Voice-Over For Your Video

In this article, I am going to lead you through the stages of how to do an excellent voice-over for video. First, we will look at how to prepare for recording. Second, we will look at a simple studio set-up, i.e. the essential gear you need to buy. So let’s get started. Write a good…

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fresnel and led panels

Video Lighting Guide Part 2: Lamps and Modifications

In a previous article, you learned the basics of lighting types such as natural light, soft light, and hard light. Now it’s time to move on to light bulbs and accessories which help to manipulate the light. As you can probably know, there are different types of bulbs that produce light such as incandescent, halogen,…

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122961643 s

Video Editing 101: the Different Types of Video Editing

You see a Hollywood movie nowadays, and you are mesmerized by it! Awesome car chases. Brilliant action shot over stunning landscapes. Outstanding visual displays. But do you know how much work is done by the video editors to create such phenomenal movies? Video editing is a massive industry, and it is growing each year exponentially.…

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So You Want to Become a Videographer? Here’s How!

Becoming a videographer might be the dream of many film lovers and camera junkies, but the path towards becoming one isn’t all that simple. In fact, there probably isn’t one clear path towards becoming a great videographer either. Sure, you may have come across several series from videographers about how they achieve their current success.…

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video lighting guide part 1

Video Lighting Guide Part 1: Different Types of Light

Choosing the right light type when shooting a video or a film can have a big impact on its quality. If artists use paint and sound to create emotions, filmmakers use a combination of lights and shadows for the same purpose. There are numerous types of lighting types frequently used by filmmakers such as natural…

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