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Jan Sørup

My name is Jan Sørup. I’m the founder of FilmDaft and editor-in-chief.

I own Apertura, a Danish company that produces video content for companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

I always strive to publish high-quality content that is helpful and interesting to read for indie filmmakers, small video production companies, vloggers, screenwriters, and others engaged in video content production.

Being a movie buff, I also like to write about niche movies and movie quotes that I think are examples of excellent screenwriting, acting, cinematography, and the overall filmmaking trade.

In other words, I try to publish content I want to read myself.

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Ethos Logos Pathos in film

How To Use Ethos, Logos, And Pathos In Film (With Examples). Part 1.

Think about your favorite films. What makes them your favorite?  Usually, it’s because there’s some memorable moment, dialogue, character, or message behind them that makes them persuasive.  Have you ever wondered what makes these movies so persuasive? It’s because filmmakers use rhetorical skills like ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade audiences over to their point…

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Why are zombie movies so popular

Why Are Zombie Movies So Popular?

WARNING: This article contains excessive use of puns, blood, and gore. Read at your own risk. There must be something in the water. No matter how many times the genre appears to die, somehow, it always comes back to life. Tip: See the best zombie movies of all time. In general, the horror genre is…

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Essentials Convertible Rolling Backpack featured image

New Essentials Convertible Rolling Backpack From Think Tank

I’m a big fan of Think Tank because I think they make excellent products for photographers and videographers. I own both the Think Tank Logistics Manager 30, and the BackLight 36L Outdoor Backpack, and I love them both. Think Tank has just released a new exciting bag called the Essentials Convertible Rolling Backpack, a hybrid…

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