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What Are Lower Thirds, And Where Can I Find Them For My Film?

Have you ever seen a newscast and wondered how they could broadcast all those titles on the screen with all that information? Those graphical overlays are called lower thirds and are used in various media.  Lower thirds are the graphical overlays used in the bottom third of a television screen and film to show critical…

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GoPro Hero9 Black Action Camera Released

GoPro has released their latest iteration of the popular action cameras – the GoPro Hero9 Black. Check the current price on Adorama. The new camera comes with a bunch of upgraded features. The most prominent features are a new 23.6MP sensor capable of delivering 5K video at 30fps, 20MP Photos, and better video stabilizations. Also…

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How To Use Verbal Irony In Film

The top image features the famous quote by Professor Mason Cooley (1927-2002). It means that simple truths are straightforward and easy to understand. But with irony, the reader/viewer must engage in analytical thinking in order to uncover and appreciate the hidden meaning within the ironic statement that, in turn, challenges this truth. This is the…

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How To Use Situational Irony In Film

This is the third article, in the short series ‘The Three Types Of Irony and How To Use Them In Film’. You can read the first one here. In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at situational irony in film, and how you can apply it in your screenwriting. Situational Irony in Screenwriting…

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