How to make a lightsaber and X-wing scene in After Effects

Lightsaber X-wing tutorial After Effects

You can’t claim to be a filmmaker if you haven’t at some point tried to make a scene with a lightsaber! The lightsaber has become such a cultural icon since it was first shown on the big screen in 1977, and a lot of filmmakers have tried to duplicate the effect through the years. I’m …

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5 Best Budget-Friendly GoPro Alternatives With 4K

Best gopro alternatives

Did you know that there are more than 30 million GoPro cameras sold in over 100 countries worldwide? This small action camera has always been jam-packed with new technology and has come to set the standards when it comes to high-quality action video for years. However, GoPro cameras like the GoPro Hero 7 Black are …

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How To Get Better Image Quality On Your YouTube Videos

How To Get Better Image Quality On Your YouTube Videos. Best YouTube codec explained

Update: After I initially wrote this article, YouTube included a new codec called AV1 (aka AV01) AV1 is not to be confused with the old AVC1 I write about in the article. AV1 offers better quality than VP09 – even at lower bit rates. It doesn’t look like you can force YouTube to play your own …

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Guide: Royalty Free Music For Video. What, Why, Where, How?

film score speaker cinema 1

Music is a fantastic way to create a certain mood or atmosphere in your video. But you can’t just take your favorite track of the month and use it as background music in your next client video or YouTube-vlog. If you do so, you might get sued by the record company and end up having …

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7 Essential Pieces of Video Gear For Beginner Filmmakers

bigstock 193275013 Kopi 1

So you finally decided to get serious about your career as a vlogger or filmmaker, right? You’ll have a lot of fun along the way since the video-making industry is exciting, profitable and continuously expanding. In fact, studies show that businesses which use video content grow up to 49% faster than those which don’t. But …

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How to Get into Filmmaking

Film crew working on a low budget film

Movies are great, right? They’re the ideal marriage of technology and storytelling; they’re transportive, cathartic, galvanizing; they introduce us to new points of view and induce us to think differently about our own; they are as unique as speech patterns, adapting and adopting the voices of their creators; they stimulate our minds and feed our …

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Video Production Steps Guide

video production steps guide

If you want to make a great video for social media or your corporate website it is essential, that you have a plan. But what are the basic steps involved in the video production process? The video production process basically consists of three steps: pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing). Pre-production includes creating a …

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