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Jan Sørup

My name is Jan Sørup. I’m the founder of FilmDaft and editor-in-chief.

I own Apertura, a Danish company that produces video content for companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

I always strive to publish high-quality content that is helpful and interesting to read for indie filmmakers, small video production companies, vloggers, screenwriters, and others engaged in video content production.

Being a movie buff, I also like to write about niche movies and movie quotes that I think are examples of excellent screenwriting, acting, cinematography, and the overall filmmaking trade.

In other words, I try to publish content I want to read myself.

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colleges to major in for acting curated - featured image

Outstanding Drama Colleges for Rising Stars in Theatre & Film

It’s time to face it- looking for the right college to attend for your studies is downright terrifying.  Luckily, some universities stand out as far as their acting programs go. This list shows you some of the best acting schools to attend. While some offer a film program, others focus on theatre and share the…

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best books on acting - featured image

Recommended Books On Acting To Level Up Your Skills

As an actor, working on your craft is crucial to your growth – finding what you need to focus on and perfecting that makes you more confident in your abilities, making you more marketable. This article shows you some of the best acting books out there. These are considered essential reading for anyone wanting to…

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extremely disturbing horror movies - featured image

The Most Disturbing Horror Movies Ever!

Horror has long served as a way for people to place themselves in a controlled environment to experience things that cause them fear without actually having to experience them. This has led to movie producers pushing the boundaries in horror, giving us some of the most disturbing films ever to grace the earth.  Many of…

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best acting schools in the world - featured image

The Highest Regarded Acting Schools In The World You Need To Know

If you aspire to a career in the performing arts, attending one of the best acting schools in the world can be a pivotal step towards your dreams. These institutions provide intensive training, guidance, and opportunities for aspiring actors to hone their craft and launch successful careers. This article will give you an overview of…

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stunt actors who died on set - featured image

Stuntmen and Stuntwomen Who Tragically Died On Set

The thrilling action sequences that keep audiences on the edge of their seats in blockbuster movies owe their magic to the daring and often underappreciated work of stuntmen and stuntwomen. Performing death-defying acts for entertainment, these unsung heroes risk their lives to bring realism and excitement to the big screen. However, sometimes the risks can…

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Actors Who Died on Movie Sets - featured image

Famous Actors Who Died on Movie Sets

As you know, making a movie is a very challenging and sometimes dangerous job when many pieces have to fit together to make the final puzzle. Unfortunately, there have been several cases of illness, injury, and even death occurring during the production process of various films throughout history – all of them tragic.  While many…

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