The 20 Best End Of The World Movies Ranked

Best end of the world apocalypse dystopic movies

From asteroid impacts to pandemics and alien invasions, apocalyptic end-of-the-world movies have always fascinated moviegoers. I’m certainly one of them. – I’ve always enjoyed a good disaster movie, and I often say that if a movie starts with Earth getting destroyed within the first 10 minutes, it means it’s good! That’s probably why my first …

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6 Best UFO/UAP Documentaries To Watch (Before The Invasion)

UFO documentaries

Parts of the featured image are furnished by NASA. I’ve been fascinated by UFOs and the thought of aliens visiting my entire life. At the same time, I’ve been frustrated due to the grainy footage and often repeated stories about the Roswell incident. So I’ve resorted to watching sci-fi television shows and movies instead. Speaking …

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Most Common Lenses And Focal Lengths Used in Movies

Cinema lenses most commonly used in movies and film featured image

The most famous directors and cinematographers develop signature styles using specific techniques and equipment, including camera lenses and focal lengths. Some directors even prefer a single focal length so much that they shoot an entire film with a single lens. But is there a “best” lens or focal length for shooting a movie? Are some …

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New Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back behind-the-scenes footage released

The Empire Strikes Back Behind The Scenes

Lucasfilm has released about 7 minutes of never-before-seen footage from behind the scenes from the 1980s sequel The Empire Strikes Back. The footage is released in celebration of the film’s 40th anniversary. In the footage, you see the filming of battle scenes from the frozen planet Hoth, some of which took place in Norway in …

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Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest Kicks Off

Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest

Where: Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest What: 110 films from 28 countries over 20 sessions When: 27th November to 6th December 2020 Featured Artwork by Giorgos Tsitras Today Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest kicked a week filled with some exciting sci-fi films from all around the globe. And I’m proud to say that my first short film, VECT0R, is screening …

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25 Best Monologues From Movies (For You To Disagree With)

Best Famous Movie Monologues featured image

Some of the most powerful moments in film are when a central character gives a passionate speech that greatly impacts the rest of the movie. But what is a movie monologue, and why are they so powerful? A movie monologue is a speech given by a single character. The best monologues from movies mostly happen …

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