Best Horror Movies for 13-Year-Olds

Best Horror Movies for 13 Year Olds

Horror movies are a favorite amongst many groups of people, including young teens, but finding movies, they can watch can be difficult. Especially as the horror genre is filled with many things you may not want your young teenager to watch.  That is why I have gathered this list for you with the best horror …

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22 Best Seduction Movies Of All Time

Best Seduction Movies of All Time

While many movies avoid showing sensual and nude content, sometimes, you just want to watch a good film filled with it.  Whether filled with steamy sex scenes or a deep and loving romantic relationship, seduction movies bring sex and nudity to the big screen.  Sex wasn’t always allowed on screen, though. For many years, a …

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Best Female Prison Movies List

Best female prison movies list

Discover the best women in prison movies and explore the genre. From exploitation to drama, there is something for everyone.

The 100 Best Action Movies of All Time

100 Best Action Movies of All Time - featured image

Action films encompass a huge range of topics, from sci-fi like Avatar to animation like Ghost in a Shell. Filled with tales of characters fighting for their values, against the forces of evil, and for the fun of it, action films make up a large portion of most people’s viewing experiences.  But there are so …

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The Complete Crocodile Dundee Movies List

Crocodile Dundee Movies List

Sometimes watching generic action films gets boring, and you want something that will make you laugh. Something that you can sit down to and have a good time with.  Let me introduce you to a favorite film trilogy of mine from the 1980s: the Crocodile Dundee films. It’s one of the reasons I spent four …

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The 10 Most Expensive Movie Sets

The 10 Most Expensive Movie Sets - featured image

Movies have long since become one of the most expensive luxuries that people enjoy, with many having budgets of millions of dollars. From elaborate sets to expensive digital effects, high-budget blockbuster film making always give movie studios, producers, and investors a nervous sweat. Especially since movie cost doesn’t guarantee financial success. But what ones cost …

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Best Donkey Quotes from Shrek

shrek quotes donkey Featured Image

First released in 2001 by Dreamworks, Shrek (Mike Myers) has become a cultural classic. It’s one of my favorite animated movies, and I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it. With beautiful animation, lovable characters, and a story that keeps you engaged all through, the Shrek films are never dull. One of the best …

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Best Trolls Movie Quotes

Best Trolls Movie Quotes Featured Image.

After the first Trolls films came out in 2016, it was so widely received that we got Trolls: World Tour only four years later, in 2020. Both are now huge successes on Netflix. Even though the second movie did not do as well as the first, both captured the hearts of nearly everyone who watched them. …

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