The Best Joker Quotes From The Dark Knight

Best Joker Quotes from The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is one of the best all-time comic book movies ever made. Not only that, it won two Oscars and 157 other awards, and was the third-highest rated film on IMDB with over 2.5 million votes (behind only The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather). Check out the best quotes from The Godfather here. Plus, …

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19 Best The Godfather Quotes Ever, Ranked

Best The Godfather Quotes

I bet you’re asking yourself why I brought you here on the day of daily internet browsing.  It’s the 50th anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 American crime film The Godfather, so there’s something we need to talk about. How does The Godfather rank amongst the greatest gangster films of all time? You can’t sit at …

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22 Best Star Wars Yoda Quotes Ranked

Best Star Wars Yoda Quotes

The Star Wars franchise consists of some of the most philosophical anecdotes in film history through its mystic characters, expansive lore, and historical allegories. While many a legendary Jedi Knight dropped words of wisdom throughout the galaxy, none hold a candle to the pint-sized green wordsmith, Master Yoda. The perfect blend between an ancient philosopher …

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The Best Joker Funny Quotes – Batman’s Nemesis Dishing It Out

Best funny Joker Quotes

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains in all of cinematic and comic book history due to his iconic one-liners and morbidly hysterical jokes. After all, a maniacal supervillain who dresses like a clown should have some pretty good zingers. Joker’s quotes are right up there with famous Batman quotes, which only seems appropriate …

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The Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movies, Ranked

Best Paul Thomas Anderson Movies Ranked

Below I’ve created a complete and ranked list of the best Paul Thomas Anderson movies including famous quotes from each movie. But first, let’s give a quick introduction to PTA. Who is Paul Thomas Anderson? Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA) is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, and cinematographer who defines the modern generation of filmmaking. …

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18 Best Batman Movie Quotes Ever Ranked.

Best Batman movie quotes

Batman movies are filled with awesome quotes, snappy comebacks, and one-liners that have become cult in cinema history. However, some of the best Batman quotes are not from the hero himself, but from his multiple nemeses like the Joker or Two-Face or from his loyal friend and guardian Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth. Below are the …

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25 Best Monologues From Movies (For You To Disagree With)

Best Famous Movie Monologues featured image

Some of the most powerful moments in film are when a central character gives a passionate speech that greatly impacts the rest of the movie. But what is a movie monologue, and why are they so powerful? A movie monologue is a speech given by a single character. The best monologues from movies mostly happen …

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