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When Despicable Me was released in 2010, we were exposed to some of the cutest little bad guys ever, Minions.

These lovable little yellow guys have one goal: to serve the meanest, the baddest, and only the best of all bad guys. 

From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the ancient caveman to the worst dictators known to man, the Minions have served them all, leading to the downfall of every master they served. 

But in the Minions Movie, that changed as after a hundred years of no new boss, they discover everyone’s favorite villain Gru, who they come to serve throughout the Despicable Me films.

The minions often copy the words of others as much of their language, making Minionese a mish-mash of other languages. 

Many of the funny sayings are inspired by Spanish and French, with phrases such as “si si” and “Le Scone” (the stone) being good examples.

But really Minionese is influenced by all languages, showing that the yellow guys have been around forever and been all over the world.

The minions are voiced by Pierre Coffin, who co-directed the Minions (2015) movie with Kyle Balda.

While these little cuties hardly ever speak intelligible words, here are some of their best quotes from the Minions when they speak things we can understand. 

1. “King Bob!”

“King Bob!” The audience roars with approval as fan favorite Bob says those words in the 2015 Minions movie. 

After arriving in England with Kevin and Stuart, Bob is crowned the new King of England after pulling the Excalibur sword from the stone – much to the dismay of Queen Elizabeth II, who was about to have them arrested for trying to steal her crown.

Giving a speech in the usual nonsensible minion fashion, Bob yells out “King Bob” several times, all of which garnered him a large amount of applause from those watching.

2. “England! England! England!”

After Kevin, Bob, and Stuart arrive in England in Minions (2015), they find a new master in the first-ever villainess, Scarlet Overkill. 

Calling back to the ice cave where the minions had been living from 1812 – 1968, Kevin let the other minions know about Scarlet. 

At that moment, the chief Yeti, who the minions had started serving after Kevin left, was killed by falling ice. 

Chased out by the other Yetis, the Minions traverse the world in search of England, chanting “England! England! England!” when entering Australia.

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3. “C’est la Banana! Ha ha! Miam Miam!”

Before man, there was dinosaur, and before dinosaur, there were the Minions. When the dinosaurs evolved and began ruling over the world, the minions chose a T-rex as their master. 

One day though, a series of unfortunate events occured in which the minions discover a banana, “C’est la Banana! Ha Ha! Yum Yum!” (or Miam Miam, as they say).

However, picking up that banana causes the rock it was supporting to roll down the hill, and while the T-rex almost saves itself by running on the rock as it rolls, it is killed by the lava of a volcano. 

4. “No, no, no! Te – la piñata!”

Another of the great quotes from the Minions’ opening scene. Here we see the minions searching for masters throughout all the time periods of the world. 

When humans first evolved, the minions quickly began following them, though this only led to their chosen leaders being killed in various ways. 

As their caveman master picks up a club to fight a huge bear, the minions hand him a flyswatter saying, “No, no, no! Te – la piñata!” 

After smacking the bear with the flyswatter, the bear eats the caveman, and the Minions are left without a new master.

It’s another awkward moment for the yellow guys, but another great opportunity to search for a new master, “finding a boss is easy – keeping a boss, therein lies the rub.”

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5. “Mi amor. Mi Amor!”

One of the best Rise of Gru quotes. This scene is just hilarious.

The Minion, Otto, is tasked with safekeeping the magical Zodiac Stone for Gru, which Gru has stolen from the Vicious 6.

However, it turns out that Otto has stumbled upon something much better and has fallen in love with a pet rock with googly eyes.

Gru is outraged as he needs the stone to prove he is one of the best villains ever, “Did you just trade my future for a pet rock?!”

Shortly after, Gru is kidnapped by Wild Knuckles, and Otto and the other Minions now have to get the stone back and save Gru.

6. “Buddies, buddies, come here! Looka!”

Serving Scarlet Overkill for some time, the minions help her enact her evil plots, but when a young Gru foils her, the minions find their new boss. 

Kevin stutters before saying, “Buddies, buddies, come here! Looka!” The minions have found their new master after years of searching for the perfect one.

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7. “Fart-go, Fart-go, Fart-go”

In this scene from Despicable Me 2 (2013), seven minions are lined up with fart guns to award the highest honor possible – the twenty-one fart gun salute – to Dr. Nefario, who has decided to quit.

The fart gun is one of the best funny minions weapons and was invented by Nefario in Despicable Me (2010) by mistake due to his bad hearing.

What Gru really wanted was a dart gun. When Dr. Nefario realizes his mistake, he replies, “Ohh, yes… ’cause I was wondering under which circumstances we’d use this?”

Now we know!

8. “Le Boss! Le Boss!”

After Gru steals the minions’ attention, the minions yell, “Le Boss! Le Boss!” It is a common phrase often spoken by the minions throughout all the films. 

While they may not speak intelligible words frequently, they love their master Gru and often refer to him as “le boss.”

9. “Mini Boss!”

One of the most hilarious Minion quotes from Minions: Rise of Gru (2022) is when the beloved little yellow creatures refer to Gru as “Mini Boss.”

It doesn’t make it less funny that Gru (11 years old at the time) insists that he isn’t mini!

This, of course, is a reference to the first film and the quote above.

The scene where Mini Gru is kidnapped and Kevin runs after the van yelling “mini boooooooss” is one of my favorite quotes from the franchise.

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10. “Mind the Gap! Mind the Gap! Mind the Gap!”

During the trek across the world that the minions from the ice cave take on their way to England, we can see them piling out of a train. 

As the train conductor says, “Mind the gap,” the minions repeat it several times as a sort of little chant as they exit. 

11. “Minions have been on this planet far longer than we have.”

While not said directly by the minions, this quote is still a great one from the Minions film’s narrator. 

Throughout the opening scenes, a narrator tells us more about the backstory of the minions, who they are, and the masters they have served. 

It is this quote that reminds us that the Minions seem to be almost immortal, existing long before we have an existing long after we die out. 

12. “Banana? Banana! Banana!”

Giving rise to one of the best Minions memes, this quote comes from when Kevin, Stuart, and Bob sail across the ocean to find a new master. 

Hungry and becoming delirious, Stuart looks over at Bob and Kevin, who look like bananas to his hungry mind. “Banana? Banana! Banana!” 

He rushes over and begins to lick Kevin while Bob laughs, and the “I licked it, it’s mine!” minion meme was born.

13. “Mi Bellas”

Providing us with a slightly more raunchy look at Stuart, after arriving in New York, he finds himself in a fancy bathtub with two yellow fire hydrants. 

Believing them to be pretty minion females, he calls them “Mi Bellas” before beginning to make out with them, only to learn they are not quite what he believes. 

Nothing like a little cold metal to make you realize that those aren’t sexy female minions.

One of the most hilarious quotes by Stuart that caters to the adult fans of Minions.

14. “Uhhh, Si.” 

As Kevin, Stuart, and Bob try to steal the Queen’s Crown for Scarlet Overkill, they are met by the Keeper of the Crown. 

Laughing at him being an elderly man, the Keeper asks Kevin if he thinks it is funny that he is old, and Kevin replies, “Uhhhh, si.” 

He is then promptly attacked with the Keeper’s cane in what is one of the movie’s best moments. 

Never underestimate someone just because they look older than you, as you never know what they might be capable of, something the minions have hopefully learned. 

In Closing

It’s hard to pick the best funny Minion quotes because there are so many.

When you think about it, that’s actually no small feat since the small yellow guys hardly say anything intelligible. “King Bob” and “Est Banana” are among the top funny quotes if you ask me.

It isn’t hard to figure out why the Minions have become some of the most popular characters from the Despicable Me series franchise and why they’ve gotten to be the stars in spin-off movies.

What are your favorite Minion quotes? Let us know in the comments below.


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