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Jan Sørup

My name is Jan Sørup. I’m the founder of FilmDaft and editor-in-chief.

I own Apertura, a Danish company that produces video content for companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

I always strive to publish high-quality content that is helpful and interesting to read for indie filmmakers, small video production companies, vloggers, screenwriters, and others engaged in video content production.

Being a movie buff, I also like to write about niche movies and movie quotes that I think are examples of excellent screenwriting, acting, cinematography, and the overall filmmaking trade.

In other words, I try to publish content I want to read myself.

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Symbolism in film. Meaning, definition, examples. Featured Image.

Symbolism in Film. Meaning, Definition & Examples.

Definition: Symbolism is a literary and artistic technique where symbols are used to represent ideas or qualities beyond their literal meaning. These symbols, often objects, characters, or colors, convey deeper meanings and emotions, allowing for a more complex and nuanced interpretation of the work. Symbolism in movies is used to convey deeper meanings, emotions, and…

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Story Beat meaning definition examples. Featured Image.

What is a Story Beat? Meaning & Examples From Screenplays

Definition: A story beat is a fundamental storytelling unit, marking an event, decision, or discovery that propels the narrative forward. It’s akin to a heartbeat in a story’s structure, rhythmically punctuating the flow to maintain engagement. Beats shape the story’s pace, building tension, emotion, and character development, ensuring a dynamic and compelling narrative. Story beats…

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What is Satire in film - meaning definition examples from movies. Featured Image.

What is Satire? Meaning and Examples from Film

Definition: Satire is a genre of literature and arts that employs humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in contemporary politics and other topical issues. It aims to improve society by encouraging change or reform through its insightful and often biting commentary. Satire is a powerful way to…

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Repetition in Film Meaning Definition and Examples. Featured Image.

Repetition in Film. Definition, Meaning & Examples

Definition: Repetition is a literary and rhetorical device involving the repeated use of words, phrases, or structures to emphasize a point, create rhythm, and enhance memorability. Repetition in film is deliberately reusing certain elements throughout a movie, such as scenes, dialogues, images, or motifs. Repetition in movies serves various purposes, including emphasizing themes, enhancing emotional…

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Red Herring - Meaning, definition and Examples from Film and Literature. Featured Image.

Red Herring: Meaning & Examples from Film & Literature

Definition: A ‘Red Herring’ is a misleading clue or information diverting attention from the truth or the main issue. It may be a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or characters to a false conclusion. It is often used in literature, movies, and discussions to mislead the audience or participants, creating false…

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