Good Gifts For Film Students 2023


Finding the perfect gift for someone is rarely easy.

Luckily, when shopping for a film student, you already know their favorite topic – film. And there are a lot of good, fun, and useful gifts to give that are affordable.

The following options are great gift ideas for film students, no matter the occasion. Whether you need a birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift, check out these 12 gifts.

1. TYCKA Acrylic Film Dry Erase Clapboard

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When attending film school, students typically complete a variety of film projects. A clapboard is an essential accessory during a film shoot, as it makes it easier to identify each take and scene when compiling the footage using editing software.

The TYCKA acrylic clapboard has a dry erase surface. Instead of chalk, film students use dry erase markers, which are easier to see. The set includes the clapboard, two markers, an eraser, and a hex wrench for adjusting the tension of the hinge.

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2. ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Mechanical DIY Vitascope Projector

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Any film student should get a kick out of this 3D wooden puzzle. It is a functioning film projector assembled from pre-cut wooden pieces.

No tools or glue are required. The kit includes everything needed, including 183 wood parts and the necessary electrical components.

The entire model measures just 9 x 5 x 10 inches, making it a great desktop decoration for a film student’s desk. Whenever they feel bored, they simply need to rotate the crank to instantly project a short film onto the wall.

The kit also comes with a film strip. It includes an animated snippet inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times. The short clip only lasts a few seconds, but the novelty of the projector is the real reason to purchase this projector.

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3. Best of Warner Bros 20 Film Collection – Best Picture Winners

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While streaming services provide access to a wide range of movies, they often lack the classics. One of the most obvious gifts for film students is a movie. However, instead of picking just one, you can give 20.

This collection includes 20 films that have all won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It offers a complete overview of the evolution of cinema, from the 1929 classic The Broadway Melody to 2006’s The Departed.

Along with 20 movies on 23 discs, the set includes a 24-page booklet with interesting facts and details of each movie.

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4. DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 Mojo Universal Video Rig

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The DREAMGRIP is one of the best gifts for future film students and current students alike. It allows anyone to shoot better video with the camera on their smartphone.

Most film students do not have the money for expensive cameras and equipment. With the DREAMGRIP, they can start filming with just a smartphone, which every college student likely already has.

The grip includes a large frame for supporting the smartphone, along with a mount for attaching different camera lenses or filters. The set also includes two LED lights, a microphone, and two filters. It even has a tripod mount.

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5. Rebel Without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez

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Rebel Without a Crew is an autobiographical account of how Robert Rodriguez managed to produce his first movie – El Mariachi. The legendary filmmaker had a minimal budget and a small crew. However, he managed to put out a movie that grabbed Hollywood’s attention, which he leveraged to become a major player in the industry.

Film students should enjoy reading Robert’s story, which is full of insight and entertaining anecdotes.

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6. 3DROSE Eat Sleep Movies Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

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Many college students practically survive on coffee. However, they are also frequently on the go, traveling between classes and projects. The 3DROSE Stainless Steel Travel Mug is the perfect way to stay caffeinated while on the go.

The cup has a large 14-ounce capacity and a slide-open lid with a slanted drinking surface for sipping coffee without getting burnt.

The message on the side is simple but humorous: “Eat. Sleep. Movies.” That sums up the life of a film student.

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7. LogicKeyboard Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Graduation gifts for film students are often functional gifts that they can use in the real world, such as the LogicKeyboard designed for Adobe Premiere Pro. The keyboard includes a wide range of convenient shortcuts for Adobe Premiere functions.

Adobe Premiere remains the most used video editing software for Hollywood and independent filmmakers. This keyboard helps simplify the editing process by offering single-key shortcuts. Editors can quickly navigate their video timeline and editing tools.

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8. Zoom H4N Pro 4-Track Portable Recorder

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While most video cameras have built-in microphones or attachments for external mics, many filmmakers still prefer to use separate audio recording devices. The Zoom H4N is a portable audio recorder with high-quality preamps for each of the mic inputs.

You can connect external microphones or instruments. It also has two built-in mics capable of recording 24-bit audio at 96kHz resolution. Film students can capture high-resolution audio to improve the overall quality of their short films.

Along with recording audio for film projects, students may use the device to record lectures, making it a useful accessory for any student.

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9. Filmmaker T-Shirt for the Director

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A T-shirt is not one of the most unique gifts for film students, but every college student needs a fresh shirt occasionally. This filmmaker T-shirt includes a word collage in the shape of a clapper, which is the board that someone holds to indicate the scene and number of takes.

The shirt is also available in a variety of sizes and colors for men or women. While it is not the most original idea, this shirt is comfortable, lightweight, and breathable.

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10. AMD Print Photographer/Filmmaking Poster

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Every dorm room needs posters. Luckily, the following poster is the perfect choice for a film student. It includes a series of filmmaking tips, techniques, and common problems. It also comes in a variety of sizes, from 18-inches long to 40-inches long.

The poster is both informative and stylish. It has a retro look that college students seem to enjoy and important pieces of information, such as a summary of the basic principles of filmmaking.

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11. Cheap Movie Tricks by Rickey Bird and Al Guevara

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Books a common choice when shopping for gifts for college film students. As with the Rebel Without a Crew, the Cheap Movie Tricks book includes useful tips for filming movies without a major budget.

The book provides advice from filmmaker Rickey Bird. Students can learn how to plan and shoot a short film, tips for finding locations, and ideas for promoting a short film project.

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12. GVM 800D RGB LED Lighting Kit

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The GVM RGB LED800D video light kit is a versatile and budget-friendly lighting kit for making everything from interviews to short films.

The kit includes three large LED panels with adjustable light stands.

The lights include special effects such as TV, candle, lightning, paparazzi, and more. And, of course, you can adjust the color temperature between 3200K (tungsten) and 5600K (daylight).

You can change the color temperature, lighting mode, or brightness using the onboard controls or a mobile app.

The kit can even be controlled via the GVM app, which is available for iOS and Android devices and provides greater convenience for controlling the settings.

This is a versatile lighting kit that offers a lot of bang for the buck.

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