Best Professional Scriptwriting Software

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Even if you’re just starting out with screenwriting, you’re probably familiar with the concept of screenwriting software. If not, screenwriting software refers to a specific type of word processor used by writers to write their screenplays. Unlike a typical word processor like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Apple’s Pages, screenwriting software formats everything you write …

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How to Sell a Screenplay

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Now that you’ve got a handle on how to write a screenplay that works, let’s dive a little deeper into what it takes to write a screenplay that sells.  There are a few ways to sell a screenplay, so let’s go over them below.  Writing on Spec First, if you write an original screenplay for …

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How To Write A Screenplay For A Short Film

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While a lot of our readers are first-time adventurers, full-time cinematographers, or half-time hobbyists, it could be the case that you’ve never actually written a screenplay before. That said, you don’t need to know how to write a script to create a short film. For instance, you may have already gone out and shot someone …

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How to Write Screenplay Format

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If you’ve read or written a screenplay, you will likely be familiar with screenplay format. If you haven’t, you are probably wondering: What is screenplay format, and how do you write in it? Screenplay format refers to the formatting of a document that makes a screenplay a screenplay, not a book, short story, play, or …

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How To Write A Screenplay That Works

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Do you know how to write a screenplay that works? In this series of articles, our goal is to give you ALL the tools you need to create a professional screenplay from beginning to finish. Essentially, we’re laying out the foundations so you can build a beautiful house on top of it! Let’s dive in: …

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