How Long Does It Take To Write A Screenplay For A Movie? 

How long does it take to write a screenplay for a movie

Movie scripts, or known in the industry as screenplays, are the blueprints that producers, directors, cast members and everyone in between rely on to produce the film.  Simply put: without the screenplay there is no movie to work on.  So how long does it take to write a screenplay? On average, professional screenwriters can write …

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Save The Cat! Beat Sheet Explained. What It Is, And How To Use It.

save the cat beat sheet

Staring at the blank page is daunting, and decision fatigue is real. When you can write anything, what do you write? This “paralysis of indecision” that so many writers feel leads them to turn to external resources to help structure their stories. And with good reason — most films follow the same narrative arc, so …

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The Dan Harmon Story Circle Explained

Dan Harmon story circle explained featured image

One of the most important things to understand when writing a screenplay is story structure. Formulating a beginning, middle, and end into a compelling script is essential to keeping you on track as you write and keeping readers interested. Because of this, many different methods for organizing screenplays and stories are used. From Joseph Campbell’s …

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What Is A MacGuffin In Movies? (With Examples)

Suitcase MacGuffin

When you are coming up with a story, it’s important to have a plot that moves forward at an engaging pace. Oftentimes, movies will have an object, goal, or person that serves as motivation for the characters or is something they pursue. This object is called a MacGuffin. Essentially, the definition of a MacGuffin is …

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Protagonist vs. Main Character – The Difference Explained

protagonist vs main character

We’ve all heard the terms protagonist and main character, and they are frequently used interchangeably. Oftentimes they appear synonymous, especially in stories where there is a clear leading character that the plot revolves around them. While these terms are closely related, they are not the same. In fact, understanding the difference between a protagonist and …

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How Much Is A TV Screenwriter Paid?

92790812 s

As an aspiring TV screenwriter, your goal is to write television because you love TV. Whether you’re a network sitcom junkie or a premium content binge streamer, TV is your passion, and now you want to make it your career. How much does a TV writer make?  TV screenwriters are paid according to their industry …

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