My First Short Film. The Journey. Part 4. Creating A Backstory

Gang of Reapers Eats couple Custom

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might know that I’m currently working on my first short film. And if you’ve been reading about this project from the beginning, you know that I’ve absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I make a living by shooting corporate videos and making animated explainer videos …

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My First Short Film. The Journey. Part 1.

Drive In Bio | My first short film. The Journey. Part 1

Ok, so a while back I suddenly got struck with this crazy megalomaniacal idea: I would try to make a sci-fi short film. Others and more talented people have done it before of course. So it’s not like, it can’t be done. But I’ve never aspired to do anything when it comes to narrative film. …

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