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Horror movies feature gore, death, and everything dark and disturbing, but that’s not all they are well-known for. 

Some of the best couples to ever grace the screen often come out of the horror genre, and their love often burns the brightest amidst the darkness that we see on the screen. 

These couples range from the sweetest people, like Morticia and Gomez, to killers, like Chucky and Tiffany. 

No matter their personalities, horror movie couples tend to get a lot of attention because they give viewers something to focus on outside of the terrible things happening. 

Now, without further ado, let’s look at these famous horror couples and what makes them such wonderful couples.

Morticia and Gomez Addams

First up is possibly one of the most famous horror couples of all time, Gomez and Morticia Addams, from the Addams Family.

They are often seen as couple goals because they treat each other with respect and care and are one of the few couples on this list who have found true love with one another. 

Every movie or show involving the Addams, Gomez, and Morticia can be seen doting on one another.

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Whether they are being physical in their love for one another with hugs and kisses or simply doing kind things for each other, they are not bashful about sharing their love and will for life with everyone around them. 

They may live in a creepy manor with a family that loves to try to kill each other, dress in all black, and be all around kooky, but that doesn’t keep them from being almost everyone’s favorite horror couple.

Because, after all, who doesn’t love a Goth family who can be all about death while also loving life to its fullest? 

Based on how many people make scary Halloween costumes based on Morticia and Gomez, it seems almost no one dislikes this horror couple.

Ed and Lorraine Warren

While the real-life Ed and Lorraine Warren did not have a happy marriage, nor were they great people in real life, the version of them in the Conjuring films makes for a beautiful couple.

The Conjuring movies are filled with ghosts and other paranormal creatures, forcing Ed and Lorraine to perform exorcisms, battle otherworldly creatures, and face death multiple times. 

During all of it, though, this horror couple stand by each other and support one another through thick and thin. It doesn’t matter what is trying to kill them; they always know they can count on their better half to do the right thing.

Their relationship is also so much sweeter because, as viewers, we know that many of the events they are going through are based on actual events. 

Every movie has that underlying feeling of love, and as their relationship develops on the screen, horror fans can’t help but grow attached to them.

Sally and Jack

Another famous horror movie couple is Sally and Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

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A Tim Burton classic, this movie is on most people’s list when it comes to Halloween movies, and a large portion of them are certain to mention the precious relationship between Sally and Jack as one of the reasons they love it.

Like the Addams Family, these two lovers have a dark and creepy vibe, with Jack as a literal walking skeleton and Sally as a zombie bride.

But it’s incredibly easy to look past that as they have a love for one another that burns true and pure. It shows that no matter what, if someone loves you, they will love you for who you are, regardless of your appearance. 

In the world of social media, this is an important message and helps remind all of us that love still exists.

Because of all this, it’s easy to see why so many people love making cute couples Halloween costumes of Jack and Sally.

Gale Weathers and Dewy Riley

Gale Weathers and Dewy Riley have another incredibly sweet relationship, though it didn’t start that way.

They started off disliking one another, as Gale was a reporter and Dewy was a cop during the stabbings that took place in the small town of Woodsboro.

However, as they both worked together more and more during the Scream franchise, they fell in love a little bit. 

As time passed, they developed a relationship built on mutual respect and gave us a love story we didn’t know we needed.

Their story isn’t one of love that never dies but rather a realistic telling of how relationships can often go as they fall in and out of love. But at the end of the day, no matter how they feel about one another, they always support each other. 

They have a kind of love that may not always be perfect, making them one of the best horror couples in one of the best horror films on the silver screen.

You get a true story that showcases how life is, not the way that so many people wish it could be. 

Boris and Elsa

Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster is a commentary on society and how we treat one another when we meet people different from us.

However, like many other movies that receive several sequels, Frankenstein birthed an interesting love story.

In Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Frankenstein (played by Boris Karloff) kidnaps Dr. Frankenstein’s wife, and Dr. Frankenstein’s mentor convinces him to make his monster a bride. 

That bride (Elsa Lanchester) is once again formed from various dead body parts, and when given life, Frankenstein’s monster is excited to see her, for he is capable of feeling love and other emotions.

They may not be like other human couples, but that doesn’t mean that the Bride and the Monster don’t deserve each other.

However, this love story does not have a happy ending, so don’t go into Bride of Frankenstein expecting these two to get the ending they deserve.

Chucky and Tiffany

When people think about horror movie couples, Chucky and Tiffany from the slasher film Bride of Chucky are unlikely the first on their minds.

After all, they are not like other human relationships and often show a less healthy relationship than a couple like the Addams family. However, these two still deserve a lot of love. 

Chucky is the doll the serial killer Charles Ray inhabits, and Tiffany is the name of his girlfriend whom he has been with for the entire movie franchise.

Both love to kill anyone who gets in their way and have a body count longer than most people’s end-of-the-month shopping list. 

Also, even though they may be dolls, that doesn’t stop them from having a love affair and conceiving a genderfluid child, which is why Chucky has become an icon in the LGBTQIA+ community. He supports his child, which can be rare in classic Halloween movies.

So, while Chucky and Tiffany may have a toxic relationship, they still love each other and adore their child, and who can ask for more?

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers

While these two may be an unlikely duo, they still have a relationship that spans decades and keeps viewers coming back to every movie involving them.

Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are family members, but Michael has been trying to kill Laurie ever since he escaped in the first film from the insane asylum he was being kept in.

Even though they are not romantic partners, sibling rivalry sometimes makes for a better on-screen duo than anything else.

Michael tries to kill Laurie every Halloween in new and better ways, and Laurie uses her ever-growing arsenal of various weapons and traps to put him down every year. 

It has become a routine at this point, and it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

They are more connected than half of the couples on this list, not only because they are family but because they have a unique relationship not often seen in other scary movies.

So, if you haven’t seen these home invasion movies with one of the greatest horror villains ever, go check out the Halloween films.

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Beverly and Ben

Beverly and Ben are from IT (2017), and at first, they start as friends, with Beverly quickly becoming Ben’s best friend as he has never really had many friends at school.

The two of them and a few other kids form the Losers Club, and together, they must fight against Pennywise, the Dancing Clown. 

While another group member, Bill, constantly tries to hook up with Beverly, Ben finally wins her heart by being his sweet and authentic self.

The love triangle sometimes makes things tense within the group, but it all gets worked out in the end. 

Eleven and Mike

When Stranger Things started, we were introduced to a couple that would eventually become one of the most recognizable on the silver screen.

Eleven and Mike begin dating at the end of Season 1, and while they have a rocky relationship, they show that through great effort, when things are difficult, love will always come out on top. 

They constantly have each other’s back, helping one another and their friends survive against the various forces of the Upside Down that constantly seek to kill them and take over the world. It’s hard to stay in a relationship during such times, but Eleven and Mike still make it work.

Relationships are not always easy, and sometimes people who love each other have to separate for periods, which can be perfectly healthy, which is why Eleven and Mike’s relationship is so special.

They show a relationship that many people have likely gone through during high school, and while those relationships may not last, sometimes that is for the best.

In Closing

Horror movies sure have had their share of twisted couples. It shows that even love can be deadly. If you enjoyed this article, here’s a list of the 50 best horror movies ranked (for you to disagree with).


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