The Best Wes Anderson Movies Ranked.

Best Wes Anderson movies

One of the most prominent examples of a modern-day auteur is the award-winning writer/director Wes Anderson, known for his unique filmmaking and storytelling. Anderson’s cinematic influences include classic French filmmakers and American notables like Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, and others. If you’re interested in learning filmmaking from the likes of Martin Scorsese, check out the …

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Who is the Best James Bond?

Best 007 ranked

You ever woke up in the morning and asked yourself, who is the best actor to play James Bond? I did, and I’m here to set the record straight. Many sexy European actors slipped on that iconic black-and-white tuxedo, held a Walther PPK, and toasted a martini (shaken, not stirred) over the last sixty years. …

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Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest 2021 Kicks Off

Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest

Where: Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest When: 5th & 6th November 2021 Featured Artwork by Giorgos Tsitras It’s that time of year again sci-fi geeks! Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest takes off from planet Earth and has a lot of good stuff for you and your interplanetary group of alien friends. This year, Berlin Sci-fi is running for the …

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Best James Bond Movies Ranked (For You To Disagree With)

Best James Bond 007 movies ranked

The silver screen has seen almost six decades of agent 007, his unbelievable gadgets, conspiring villains, and provocative relationships. The latest James Bond film, No Time to Die (2021), is finally here and it marks the final appearance of actor Daniel Craig in the iconic role. The newest James Bond feature is produced by Eon …

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Best Studio Ghibli Films, Ranked (Top 10)

Animated films about courageous children in fantastic worlds of magic and curiosity. Colorful imagery of aviation and flight accompanied with mythical Japanese traditions—the timeless orchestral soundtracks of composer Joe Hisaishi.  According to the brilliant minds of one of the most prominent animated “anime” studios globally, these elements are the recipe for the perfect anime film. …

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30 Best Anime Movies of All Time

Animation is one of the most popular genres in film and television. However, if it’s animated and originated in Japan, it’s known as anime.  Anime is an animated Japanese television show primarily based on Japanese comics called manga.  The record-breaking genre became mainstream in the late 20th century with giant robots, space operas, cyberpunk, fantasy …

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The 70 Best Science Fiction Movies of All Time, Ranked

If I could pick only one favorite movie genre to watch on a deserted planet, it would be science fiction movies. The top sci-fi movies have always spoken to me, from the classic space opera to nasty aliens and futuristic movies about mankind. Maybe it’s because good sci-fi movies capture our imagination and ask fundamental …

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Star Wars: Lightsaber Colors Meanings Explained

So the other day, when my kid and I were playing a LEGO Star Wars video game, he asked the question every parent has to face at some point: “Dad, why is Yoda’s lightsaber green?” Being a long-time Star Wars fan and having played with every plastic toy George Lucas threw on the market in …

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Top 60 Best War Movies Of All Time, Ranked.

The pain and agony of war are difficult to capture on film, but many of the following movies have come close. For a look at the worst and most heroic of humanity, I’ve created a list of the best war movies of all time. So strap on your army boots and helmet, hang the dog …

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30 Best Christmas Movies of All Time (+ Bonus)

Christmas is wonderful for so many reasons. The presents, gathering with family, and, of course, the excellent selection of holiday movies. Here are some of the best Christmas movies of all time that you can enjoy with your family or by yourself during the holiday season or year-round! 1. Elf (2003) “I just like to …

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