Good Gifts For Film Students 2022

Finding the perfect gift for someone is rarely easy. Luckily, when shopping for a film student, you already know their favorite topic – film. And there are a lot of good, fun, and useful gifts to give that are affordable. The following options are great gift ideas for film students, no matter the occasion. Whether …

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Best Budget Tripod For Mirrorless Cameras For Photography And Video (2022)

Mirrorless cameras are light, compact, and great for shooting video. However, it always helps to have a quality tripod for keeping the camera steady. Tripods also make it easier to position the camera at the best angle, switch lenses, and perform other tasks without the risk of dropping a delicate camera. In this article, I’m …

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Is GoPro Good for Filmmaking?

GoPro for filmmaking

The GoPro is the most popular action camera, but is GoPro good for videography? GoPro cameras are often used for recording outdoor activities, such as skiing, surfing, and snowboarding. The latest GoPro Hero 9 offers 5K video and advanced stabilization for creating high-quality videos. Even though GoPros lack some of the features found on most …

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Best Budget-Friendly Portable RGB LED Tube Light for Video

Poor lighting can ruin any photo or video shoot. Unfortunately, lighting equipment is often expensive and bulky. If you need an affordable way to light your scenes, try using an RGB LED tube light. A compact, handheld light is more portable and less expensive compared to cumbersome light fixtures. If you want a bigger RGB …

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Best Affordable RGB LED Panel For Video (Lighting Kits)

RGB LED panels offer a versatile lighting solution for videography. Not only do they allow for your regular daylight and tungsten settings. RGB LED panels can produce a full palette of reds, greens, blues, purples, teals, oranges, cyans, and more for you to play with without the need for colored sheets. Most panels also include …

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Why Are Cine Lenses So Expensive?

Cinema lenses tend to cost significantly more than still camera lenses due to higher-quality components and greater precision. A cine lens has more moving parts than a photography lens, a step-less aperture, hard focus stops, and precise focus measurements. Some of the top movie camera lenses also include handmade components, which dramatically increases the cost. …

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Best Affordable Beastgrip Alternative For Smartphone Filmmaking

Best BEASTGRIP alternative

Beastgrip is widely considered the best smartphone rig for serious mobile filmmakers to capture cinematic video and high-quality photos. It allows you to easily attach lenses, filters, tripods, and other accessories. You can check out my article on the best lenses for smartphones here. While Beastgrip is a useful tool for smartphone videography, it is …

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Best Budget-Friendly Light Stand for Video Lighting

Best light stand for video

A light stand is a useful accessory for any video shoot. Using a stand allows you to mount a light fixture to provide extra illumination for a scene. Unfortunately, finding the best light stand is not easy. There are hundreds of options and several important details to consider. So, what are the best light stand …

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Best Inexpensive Drone For Filming On A Budget

With a drone, you can capture a view of your house from above or get sweeping shots of a nearby park. However, the quality of the footage depends on the drone. If you want to record 4K video at 60 frames per second with advanced image stabilization, you may need to spend a significant amount …

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