Stop Making These 10 Common Mistakes When Shooting Video

Shooting a video can sometimes feel like an easy task, that can be figured out as you go. However, no matter the level of your knowledge and expertise, shooting mistakes can occur, and there are some things you will always have to think about beforehand. Here is a handy list of some common mistakes that …

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The Eight Steps to Making a Short Film

Movies have always inspired you, yes? The medium speaks to you in a way no other ever has, or, you’re thinking, probably ever will. You subscribe to all the DIY YouTube channels; you’ve absorbed hours of interviews and podcasts featuring filmmakers talking about their craft; you’ve read and re-read articles like my previous one: How …

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How to Get into Filmmaking

Film crew working on a low budget film

Movies are great, right? They’re the ideal marriage of technology and storytelling; they’re transportive, cathartic, galvanizing; they introduce us to new points of view and induce us to think differently about our own; they are as unique as speech patterns, adapting and adopting the voices of their creators; they stimulate our minds and feed our …

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So You Want to Become a Videographer? Here’s How!


Becoming a videographer might be the dream of many film lovers and camera junkies, but the path towards becoming one isn’t all that simple. In fact, there probably isn’t one clear path towards becoming a great videographer either. Sure, you may have come across several series from videographers about how they achieve their current success. …

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How to get Great Interviews on Camera

Whether you’re a videographer shooting documentaries, doing corporate videos, or a vlogger at some point you’re probably going to have to shoot an interview. Shooting a good interview is all about getting good answers. The answers depend on how well you’ve prepared the questions, how you ask them, as well as the dynamics between you …

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Video Production Steps Guide

video production steps guide

If you want to make a great video for social media or your corporate website it is essential, that you have a plan. But what are the basic steps involved in the video production process? The video production process basically consists of three steps: pre-production (planning), production (filming), and post-production (editing). Pre-production includes creating a …

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