Seven Essential Tools Every Director Should Have

director clapper board and light

When we think of tools in filmmaking, our minds invariably stray to the most common gear: cameras, lenses, lights, sound gear, makeup, costumes, etc. We know who is responsible for the use of this gear, too. Directors of photography use the camera, lenses, and other visual equipment; lighting department handles the lights; sound the sound …

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How To Shoot A Documentary Film From Start To Finish

Documentaries are non-fiction films that in some way depict or “document” reality. They can cover a lot of different themes and have quite a few different subgenres. If you would like to read more about them, we have an article about 7 documentary subgenres here. Documentary films are a great way not only to submerge …

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How to use Proxies in Premiere Pro: An Illustrated Guide

proxies featured image

When you edit high-resolution video material such as FullHD and 4K it requires a computer with a lot of processing power to get a smooth playback inside of Premiere Pro. Things get even worse when you start to pour on effects. Your computer can end up struggling so much, that it gets impossible to do …

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How to Choose the Right Camera Settings for Video Production

Cameras today have lots of settings to choose from which can seem quite daunting if you’re just starting out. But you don’t need to fiddle with all these at first, because some of them are meant for very specific tasks. So what are the important basic settings on a camera for shooting video? The basic …

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Video Editing 101: the Different Types of Video Editing

You see a Hollywood movie nowadays, and you are mesmerized by it! Awesome car chases. Brilliant action shot over stunning landscapes. Outstanding visual displays. But do you know how much work is done by the video editors to create such phenomenal movies? Video editing is a massive industry, and it is growing each year exponentially. …

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