Aputure Amaran AL-MX vs AL-M9 video lights

I’ve wanted a small on-camera light for a while, but I find most are too big and clumsy for my current run and gun setup with my Panasonic GH5 camera. There are lights specifically designed as on-camera lights such as the excellent Dedolight Ledzilla Mini LED Bi-Color On-Camera Light. But, as is the case with …

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Best Inexpensive Entry-Level Video Cameras 2023

shallow dop cinematic look

So you’ve decided to get your first video camera, right? Great! That’s a small step for now, but a big step for your career as a filmmaker! Video cameras come in multiple shapes and sizes. Best of all, you can get ones which produce high-quality videos without breaking the bank. In this guide, you’ll find …

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Gear Review: CineLight Redhead 800 Watt with Light Stand

CineLight Redhead in use

In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at the Redhead 800 Watt with a general purpose heavy-duty light stand from Here are links to said items: Redhead 800 Watt Baby Stand light stand 3.10 m Black cinefoil 30x1400mm I also purchased some black cinefoil from Cinelight. Redheads a know for spilling …

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7 Essential Pieces of Video Gear For Beginner Filmmakers

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So you finally decided to get serious about your career as a vlogger or filmmaker, right? You’ll have a lot of fun along the way since the video-making industry is exciting, profitable and continuously expanding. In fact, studies show that businesses which use video content grow up to 49% faster than those which don’t. But …

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Six Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Tripod for Video

video tripod head with camcorder camera 1

Let’s face it, low-budget film and video work have always been a tough business, but in the last couple of years, video equipment has undergone a massive diversification in terms of products and price. While this trend has provided a slew of cheaper models, which is excellent for prosumers and people just starting in their …

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