Movie Funding Basics: How to Pay for Your First Indie Film

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Coming up with a great idea for your first film is hard enough. What about getting the movie funding to make it? We’ll share ways this has been done before. It’s called the film business for a reason. Sure, this is a proud creative industry that puts originality and artistic expression on a pedestal! At …

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10 Tips On How To Shoot Professional Video On DSLR (Beginners)

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These days it’s easy to get your hands on a camera that can capture quality video. Even our phones can get great results, so there is rarely a moment where we can’t hit record. However, if you’re new to shooting video it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Even if you have experience shooting still photography, getting …

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How Long Should Your Short Film Be For A Festival?

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As an independent filmmaker creating short films and looking to submit them to festivals, you’ve probably wondered how long your short film should be in order to get accepted.  Many festival programmers offer different opinions on this, and each festival has their own rules about what the cut-off length is between a short film and …

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Yes, You Can Take Photos With Your Video Camera – Sort Of

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I see this question getting asked a lot – especially from beginners interested in buying their first video camera: do video cameras take pictures? Many digital video cameras like camcorders, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras will allow you to take stills while recording motion pictures (simultaneous recording). Most cameras will interrupt recording to take a photo, …

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The Coronavirus Survival Guide For Video Content Creators

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All over the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has hit every small business pretty hard. And our trade as video content creators is no different. Personally, I’ve had all video shoots for clients canceled ‘until further notice.’ That sucks! That doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. It just means that we need to adapt. And …

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How To Remove Yourself from Mirrors In Real Estate Videos & Photos

how to remove mirrors real estate videos and photos

Photos and illustrations by Otis Ryder One of the trickiest things that you may find when shooting real estate video or taking photos of a home is a pesky mirror that is found in that small bathroom or randomly down a hallway. You can’t get around the decorative pieces. But facing you down in that …

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How To Shoot Real-Estate Videos. A Beginners’ Guide

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So, you are interested in producing real estate videos?! You are either most likely in one of two boats: The first is you have a camera and are, “as a business owner first,” exploring the ideas of how to make more money. Or, you have your eyes set on a new camera that has amazing …

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