5 Pro Tips To Get Your Film Selected For A Film Festival

Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest

Featured Artwork by Giorgos Tsitras This guest post was written by Andrew Straeger, the Director at Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest. Straeger has over 30 years of experience in the film industry as a writer, filmmaker, and producer and has participated in many workshops and panel discussions. Straeger has recently published the book An Independent Filmmakers Guide …

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IBIS vs OIS vs EIS Camera Stabilization – A Comparison Breakdown

5 axis image stabilization

DSLR, mirrorless cameras, action cameras, and even smartphones today come with decent to great image stabilization built-in. But not all image stabilization is created equally. So I decided to break down the four most common types of image stabilization found in modern cameras today. In some cameras, the different types of stabilization work together for …

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3 Creative Ways to Level Up Your Video Production (Beginners)

75960156 s

YouTube content creators gained more popularity in recent years. In 2008, YouTube focused on growing its user community. The YouTube Partner Program allowed people to turn YouTube into a full-time job.  The content on YouTube features a wide variety of videos. From gaming to make-up to independent film channels, many creators found their voice through YouTube. Since the …

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5 Pro Tips To Make The Most Of Your Gimbal For Your DSLR Camera

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YouTube is the number one platform for independent content creators. Many indie filmmakers and vloggers have found their voices on YouTube. The great thing about YouTube is that content creators can put out work even with budget equipment. With the right knowledge, you can get pro shots even with a $300 camera. But with many …

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10 Effective Ways to Get More YouTube Views


Since the first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, YouTube has become a sensation.  If you’re one of many talented YouTube video creators, then you know the importance of having people watch your creations. Without viewers, you cannot grow your audience and continue producing great content.  Read on to learn a few simple ways …

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Guide: Best Autofocus Technology For Video Cameras In 2022

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When it comes to shooting video, especially with DSLR cameras, the mantra is usually “always use manual focus.” And while it is true that manual focus gives you the most control over your project, autofocus technology has come a long way, especially in recent years. There are certain situations in which you might need to …

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Which Autofocus Setting Is Best For You?

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If you’re new to the world of digital cameras, understanding the variety of focusing settings available to you can be difficult. Even the cheapest digital cameras have multiple focus options and know how these work and what is best for you can be a big help. Manual focus gives the videographer or photographer the most …

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Apple Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro: Which is Better and Why?

Final Cut vs PP

The Apple Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere Pro bout is a tough one to call. They dominate the high-end section of the market, overshadowing all other heavyweights. You can hardly go wrong with either one if you seek to cover professional video editing needs. At the same time, their nuts and bolts differ in …

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