10 Tips On How To Make A Video That Will Go Viral On YouTube

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Making a video go viral on YouTube is one part content, one part strategy, and one part luck. As video marketers, vloggers, and video content creators, we can tap into the first two and hope for the latter. There is no single recipe for a successful viral video, which is actually a good thing because …

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16 YouTube Video Ideas You Can Make As One Person

YouTube video ideas you can make as one person

YouTube has matured so that some channels are huge setups with lots of people involved. But what if you’re a one-woman-band who doesn’t have a group of people to help you create content? In that case, you need great and simple ideas that are possible to do, even when working alone, which is what this …

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How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube (Without Buying Them!)

How to get more YouTube subscribers featured image

The most important thing that your YouTube channel need is a committed and engaged audience. Of course, we all want to see those subscriber numbers rise higher and higher. So how can you continue to develop your content and grow your audience in a way that feels authentic and stays true to who you are? …

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How to use Ethos, Logos, and Pathos In Video Marketing (With Examples)

Video marketing how use ethos logos pathos

Ethos, logos, and pathos are powerful storytelling tools you can use when making a compelling case in advertising and commercials or campaign videos for social media. Ethos, logos, and pathos also form what is known as ‘the rhetorical triangle’ or ‘the persuasion triangle.’: In other words, you’re trying to persuade people to do something, e.g., …

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8 Movie Production Tips Every New Indie Filmmaker Needs to Know

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Everyone has a good self-produced movie in them.  The adage that everyone has a novel applies to film today since the internet and access to technology have bridged the gap. No longer do you have to wait to get an agent and pray some big-time producer picks up your movie.  Several indie films have been shot …

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The FilmDaft Quick Guide To Film Set Roles

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Even with years of film school and working on multiple productions, I still find myself second-guessing what everyone does on a film set. Much more goes on behind the scenes than what you see on screen. A film set operates like a tiny village, and for some big blockbuster productions – like a small civilization. …

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Best Free Places To Find Actors For Your Next Film

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You’ve written the script, you’ve got the perfect crew assembled, and you’re ready to film your next project. There’s just one problem – you don’t have any actors!  When it comes to casting actors for your next production, you might be a bit intimidated by the process – especially if this next production is your …

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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Successful YouTube Channel

DOS and DONTS YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the most satisfying ways to express your creative side. In some cases, it can also become a lucrative career. In fact, for many video content creators, YouTube has become a full time business. But, not everyone knows the rules that they need to keep in mind in order to …

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What Are Lower Thirds, And Where Can I Find Them For My Film?

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Have you ever seen a newscast and wondered how they could broadcast all those titles on the screen with all that information? Those graphical overlays are called lower thirds and are used in various media.  Lower thirds are the graphical overlays used in the bottom third of a television screen and film to show critical …

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