Top 10 Olaf Quotes From Frozen 2

Frozen 2 has many of the same things that made Frozen such a runaway global hit. We got to see more adventures from Anna and Elsa, listen to more great songs, and meet new characters.

One stood out in a movie packed with great characters—Olaf the talking snowman.

Even during the dramatic story of Anna saving her sister in the first Frozen, hapless Olaf stole the show with his bumbling and funny lines.

I love this goofy snowman and have watched the short-films spin-offs together with my kid with great joy. It’s high-level comedic screenwriting.

He continued his antics in the second movie and had many iconic quotes.

Here are ten of the funniest Olaf Quotes from Frozen II.

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1. “I’m just living the dream, Anna. Oh, how I wish this could last forever. And yet, change mocks us with her beauty.”

The quote starts at 0:06

Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) says this line to Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) at the very beginning of the movie.

Even though Arendelle is in the season of autumn, Olaf is still alive thanks to his new permafrost spell that protects him from melting.

He gets to see the seasons changing for the first time, and he says this line while holding up a leaf that changed into red.

This line gives us a new side of Olaf, who was just a silly character before but now has plenty of poetic lines in this movie.

He even jokes about it later in the scene, saying maturity is making him poetic (although he is still the goofy snowman we all know and love).

His line also foreshadows the rest of the movie, which tells us that significant changes have to come to Arendelle.

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2. “I can’t wait until I’m ancient like you, so I don’t have to worry about important things.”

The quote starts at 0:28

This line comes from the same scene when Olaf and Anna are relaxing in the forest.

Olaf has a minor existential crisis when he realizes how often things change, but Anna says she doesn’t worry about those things. Olaf’s line signals the beginning of Anna’s song.

Olaf’s line is funny because although he calls Anna “ancient,” she is a very young character still figuring out her place in the world as well.

It shows us that the snowman is so goofy because he is still young and hasn’t seen a lot of the world yet.

Plus, anyone who’s spent time with teenagers will recognize his existential angst that feels like the most important thing in the world.

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3. “Samantha? I don’t even know who’s Samantha!”

When Olaf and the company enter the Enchanted Forest, Olaf gets lost and separated from the rest of the group. He starts calling out to his friends but calls out for Samantha in the middle.

If you’re scratching your head trying to remember which character is Samantha, don’t worry—Olaf doesn’t know either. The little snowman gets so scared in the woods that he starts yelling out random names!

The line is an excellent comic relief moment in the middle of a pretty tense scene where we don’t know what will happen to our favorite character in the mysterious Enchanted Forest.

It leads into his song about getting older and becoming wiser, a running theme for his character in the movie. Fun fact about this line: actor Josh Gad improvised the line about Samantha.

4. “I’d hold your hair back, but I can’t find my arms.”

Quote starts at 0:40

Our friends get a rude awakening when they enter the Enchanted Forest in the form of the Wind Spirit. The Wind Spirit picks up the group and spins them into a tornado, making Anna feel sick.

Our poor snowman fares worse—the wind tears his body apart, leading him to say this line because his arms and different snowballs are all over the place.

Olaf comically falling apart in both Frozen movies and putting himself back together is a running joke. Luckily, it’s a joke that the snowman can laugh at himself (and thankfully, the Wind Spirit eventually puts them down, and Olaf can find his arms again).

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5. “I just find clothes restricting.”

Quote starts at 0:45

Olaf jumps out and introduces himself to the People of Northuldra.

Naturally, they are startled by a talking snowman. But Olaf, being Olaf, thinks their reaction is due to him not wearing any clothes.

6. “Magic pulses through my snowflakes. I live!”

Quote starts at 1:23

Some of Olaf’s funniest moments come when he makes fun of his friends. When the group stumbles into a confrontation between Arendellan soldiers and Northuldran people, Olaf attempts to explain who they are and why they’re here by summarizing the first movie’s events.

In his silly skit, he makes fun of Anna’s doomed affair with Hans, Elsa’s dramatics, and their whole family.

The sketch gives us a new perspective on the events of the first Frozen movie, which seemed so dramatic at the time but are silly when Olaf retells them (he even makes fun of his own nudity).

Even though his scene is silly, he actually succeeds in explaining what happened to everyone present and distracting them enough for Elsa and Anna to figure out what is going on.

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7. “This is why we don’t play with fire! Aww, I can’t stay mad at you. You’re so cute!”

Olaf says this to the fire spirit, which ignites while the group is trying to hide from the earth giants.

In his desperate attempt to put out the flame which could attract the giant’s attention, Olaf accidentally makes it bigger and sets himself on fire (thanks to the spell, he doesn’t melt).

Even though the fire spirit almost got them in trouble, Olaf forgives it, and they continue being friends.

The interaction is a nice comic relief moment when our heroes are in danger from the giants during a tense scene. It also provides an insight into Olaf’s growth as a character.

In the first movie, he was the baby of the group that had to be told what to do. Now, he is taking on a more mature role.

8. “We’re calling this, ‘Controlling What You Can When Feels Thing Out of Control.’”

Olaf says this line after everyone in Arendelle has to evacuate to the nearby cliffs. While Kristoff helps organize the relief efforts, Olaf is surrounded by children who play by sticking funky crystals into his face, redecorating him.

This is another line that shows Olaf’s new, mature perspective. Instead of freaking out about the natural disaster that just happened, he’s moving on to talking like a Zen master.

The line is funny because Olaf delivers it while all kinds of funny crystals are sticking out of his face.

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9. “Did you know that water has memory?”

Olaf is a surprising source of wisdom on the quest to learn more about the nature spirits that are the source of Elsa’s powers.

The little snowman knows a lot about nature, as shown by this line where he talks about the water cycle. Water passes through all kinds of beings before entering the form where we recognize it.

This line is the key to a few mysteries in the movie. It helps Elsa understand how nature is interconnected, and later it helps the two sisters rebuild Olaf.

Sven, who is drinking water when Olaf mentions that water passes through many beings before we drink it, is less than pleased at this revelation.

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10. “I’ll bring the snacks.”

When Elsa wants to go on the journey alone to find the truth about her powers, her friends won’t let her. Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf all insist on coming with her, and Olaf promises to “bring the snacks.”

These are just a few of Olaf’s memorable lines in the sequel to Frozen.

His dialogue is a mixture of silly and wise, showing the snowman’s maturity as the movies go on.

Which one is your favorite?


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