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One of the most beloved animated films of the last ten years, Frozen 2 (2019), continues the adventures of snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Princess Anna (Kristen Bell). 

The movie starts with King Agnarr – King of Arendelle – telling young Anna and Elsa a bedtime story. It’s the story of the enchanted forest, which is home to the Northuldra people.

It’s a story of friendship and betrayal, particularly the troubles between the kingdom, led by Elsa’s grandfather Runeard (Jeremy Sisto), and the Northuldra, led by chief Yelena (Martha Plimpton).

The plot is set in motion as a mysterious voice beckons to Elsa, luring her back to the enchanted forest as nature forces threaten to destroy Arandelle.

Our favorite characters must save the kingdom of Arendelle and make peace with the nature spirits of an enchanted wood while simultaneously searching for the source of Elsa’s powers.

Darker than the first movie, Frozen 2 covers topics like colonialism and the reparations the colonizers must pay to those who suffered under them.

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So let’s revisit the kingdom of Arendelle once more and look at some of the best movie quotes from Frozen II.

1. “Fear is what can’t be trusted.” – Elsa

One of the main messages of Frozen II is perfectly summed up with this Elsa quote.

This quote appears in the scene where Elsa sees memories of her grandfather, who appears as a snowman before her eyes. 

During the snow vision, Elsa witnesses her grandfather saying how those who wield magic cannot be trusted because they believe themselves above the king.

“Fear is what can’t be trusted,” Elsa responds because it isn’t magic that caused the troubles between the kingdoms.

It was the fear and prejudice of the Arendellians. To my mind, it’s one of the greatest quotes from Frozen II.

2. “I have always been a fortress, cold secrets deep inside.” – Elsa

As Elsa approaches Antohallan, a mystical river, the spirits call out to her and break out into song, we get a better look at Elsa’s character in Frozen II.

Halfway through the song, she sings, “I have always been a fortress, cold secrets deep inside.” 

Frozen I dealt with young Elsa’s loneliness due to her magical powers, which led to her self-inflicted ostracization in the ice palace. While she has started her healing journey, we still see it in the second movie. 

She still feels like she has all these secrets locked inside her as if she has a frozen heart and the cold is gnawing at her from the inside out. 

It is a sad but important quote for getting to know more about Elsa and helping to flesh out her personality and mental state.

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3. “Now I know you’re my true north, ’cause I am lost in the woods. Up is down. Day is night. When you’re not there.” – Kristoff

Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) is the epitome of the bumbling fool in love, and while he may not always be the brightest character in the movie, he is still one of the best. 

To express the deepest feelings in Kristoff’s mind, this song targets Sven, his reindeer companion. 

Kristoff is in love with Annie, and with multiple proposal attempts falling short, he is falling into a depression spiral, which comes out in this song. 

4. “You are not responsible for their choices, Elsa.” – Anna

You are not responsible for their choices, Elsa.

As often happens during the Frozen movies, Elsa blames herself for what happens between Arendelle and Norhthuldra. 

Her whole life, she has felt that the root cause of many of the problems that occur is because of her in one way or another. 

It is a key part of her personality, but Anna has always been the dear sister trying to convince her that things are not always her fault. 

“You are not responsible for their choices, Elsa” is one of the important things many people need to remember. 

People will make their own choices, and we cannot control what other people do, nor are we responsible. 

5. “No, just their deaths.”

After Anna says that Elsa is not responsible for people’s choices, she responds in normal Elsa fashion, “No, just their deaths.”

Even if she can’t control their decisions, she still believes if they die because of those decisions, then it is her fault. 

This is not true, but Elsa is on a long healing journey, and this moment is one of her lowest in Frozen II. 

6. “When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.” – Pabbie

After Elsa awakens the magical spirits, Pabbie (Ciarán Hinds), an all-seeing seer and Rock Troll, can no longer see the future as he usually can. 

It becomes a time of great uncertainty, but as he says, “When one can see no future, all one can do is the next right thing.”

It is a powerful quote and can be applied to many things in life and give a slight glimmer of light at the end of long tunnels. 

Even if you can’t see a brighter future for yourself, all you can do is do the next right thing and keep moving forward. 

7. “One hour. You get this for one hour.” – Kristoff

Taking a break from the deeper and more depressing quotes, this funny line comes at the end of Frozen II after everything works out. 

Kristoff, the reindeer Sven, and our favorite snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) are all dressed up in suits, and Kristoff is obviously quite uncomfortable in his suit but is still willing to do it. 

However, he can’t resist saying, “One hour. You get this for one hour.” It is a fun little moment at the end of a thought-provoking and intense film. 

Even in the darkest of times, things will eventually get better, and sometimes a little humor can help wash away the pain. 

8. “My love is not fragile.” – Kristoff

My love is not fragile.

As stated before, Kristoff is deeply in love with Annie, so we get golden gems like “My love is not fragile.”

At face value, it may not seem that deep, but throughout Frozen II, Kristoff shows how great of a person he is. 

His love is not fragile and can’t be cast aside whenever someone or something else comes along. He’ll save Anna from any mortal danger she may face – an act of true love.

It is deep and strong, and nothing can stop him from loving Annie, even when his marriage proposals go wrong. 

9. “Magic is very alluring. Without you, she may lose herself to it.” – Pappie

As Elsa becomes more and more connected to magic and the nature spirits, Pappie warns Annie that “Magic is very alluring. Without you, she may lose herself to it.”

Even though Elsa has ice magic, the magical nature spirits in Frozen II are more than that, and power can corrupt even the best of people. 

The magic draws Elsa in, and while it all works out in the end, she manages it because of Annie and her friends that she manages that. 

Without them, she would have been lost to the spirits and the thralls of magic, which, even without Arendellian prejudice, is still something to be feared. 

10. “We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now we must hope they are enough.” – Pabbie

Following the plot line of the first movie, where Elsa’s powers were too much for the world and caused problems, the second one takes a turn. 

As Pabbie says, “We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too much for this world. Now we must hope they are enough.” 

It is up to Elsa to save the world from what seems like certain destruction, but whether or not her powers are enough remains to be seen. 

11. “You can’t just follow me into fire!” – Elsa

Elsa has a precedent for rushing into things without necessarily thinking of the consequences always but hates other people following her. 

While she is fine with putting herself at risk, she has never wanted to risk her friends’ lives. 

So when Anna follows her into danger, Elsa tells her, “You can’t just follow me into fire.”

But as we all know, Annie marches to the beat of her drum and tells Elsa, “Then stop running into fire!” It’s one of the best lines from Anna in the movie.

12. “Elsa. The past is not what it seems.” – Pabbie

Setting Frozen II up perfectly, Pabbie delivers the most important quote in the movie, “Elsa. The past is not what it seems.”

Arendelle has covered up its true history with Northuldra and the nature spirits, and Elsa is the one to uncover what her grandfather tried to hide. 

Sometimes what those in a position of authority say is not what actually happened, and we should not always take the stories of the past at face value. 

As the saying goes, history is told by the victors, not the losers, which is exactly what happens with Arendelle and Northuldra. 

13. “Sleep, my darling, safe and sound. For in this river, all is found.” – Iduna

Queen Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood) is Elsa’s and Annie’s mother, but we only see her through flashbacks, including the song “All is found.”

“Sleep my darling, safe and sound. For in this river, all is found.” It is a powerful quote and helps set up Elsa’s journey in Frozen II. 

The Ahtohallan is a magical river that Elsa must find as part of her journey to find the nature spirits calling her. 

Even before we know the truth that Elsa uncovers, we are given a sneak peek at her mother’s song if only we pay attention.

In Closing

I think these are some of the best quotes from Frozen II, as they’re both deep and emotional (but admittedly not to the bright side).

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Frozen II facts:

Frozen II is a Disney movie in the musical fantasy genre.

It was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures.

It was released in the US on November 22, 2019.

It’s the sequel to the original Frozen (2013), which became a huge blockbuster hit.

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee directed it, the latter also wrote the screenplay.

The story was developed by Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, Marck Smith, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and Robert Lopez. The latter two also wrote the songs.


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