6 Best Budget-Friendly Anton Bauer Gold Mount Batteries In 2023


As a cinematographer looking for the best quality rig with the highest value accessories, getting the right gear sometimes comes with the caveat of getting the best equipment you can afford. 

Shopping for the highest quality Gold Mount batteries are no exception – and affordable options are out there. So what are they? 

Let’s dive in and get more specific about the valuable options that are out there, depending on your price range.

1. Anton Bauer Titon 90 Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery

anton bauer titon 90

This 92Wh lightweight lithium-ion battery is a solid choice for whatever camera rig you are running.

If you’re familiar with battery terminology, this battery can do up to 10A (or 10 amps) worth of continuous draw, with a 12 amp peak draw – but this only lasts about five seconds. 

This model provides a simple LCD power readout display that details the percentage of power remaining per charge. 

However, this readout will change from percentage to runtime when connected to your camera or light accordingly. 

As far as accessorization goes, the battery comes up with a D-Tap as well as accessory ports compatible with USB but doesn’t have any additional interactive surfaces. 

When charging, make sure you use the Anton Bauer chargers for best performance.

This battery is probably mid-range cost-wise, but compared to a few other Gold Mount batteries in this price-range, the AB Titon 90 is actually pretty reasonable. 

Check the current price here on Adorama.

2. Anton Bauer CINE 90 14.4V 90Wh Gold Mount Lithium Ion Battery

anton bauer cine 90

The Anton Bauer CINE 90 Gold Mount battery is another more-affordable battery option that features a capacity of 90Wh and a continuous draw of 12A. 

This battery is ideal for use with digital cinema cameras like the ALEXA Mini, as well as for powering additional stabilizer systems that would go with said camera. 

Similar to the other AB battery listed above, this battery comes with an LCD screen that displays the power percentage remaining when not attached to your camera.

Also, it displays the approximate runtime remaining when attached to your camera or other devices.

Speaking of other devices, the CINE 90 battery comes with a PowerTap that can be used to run 14.4V of accessories through it and can be charged with any Anton Bauer Gold Mount chargers you already have. 

Pricing wise, as of this article’s publishing, this is one of the more budget-friendly Anton Bauer gold mount batteries you can get.

Check the current price on Adorama here.

3. IndiPRO Tools Compact 95Wh Gold-Mount Li-ion Battery

Indi Pro 95w gold mount

This IndiPRO Tools Compact 95Wh Gold Mount battery is another Gold mount compatible lithium-ion battery, but it is not from the Anton Bauer brand. 

While most Gold Mount batteries are often referred to as Anton Bauer batteries (at least in the states), Anton Bauer isn’t the only producer of Gold Mount model batteries. 

Because this battery is fairly compact, it is particularly useful for shooters looking to create a lighter-size rig. 

The battery provides 14.8 volts with a capacity of 6.6AH and supports a max draw of up to 10 amps. 

It has a 4-bar LED display to gauge how much power is left, and also comes with a 2-pin D-Tap port, similar to other batteries on this list, that you connect to with a separate cable to connect and power additional accessories from the battery as a source.

As far as price is concerned, this IndiPRO Tools battery is on the more affordable end. Check out the current price on Adorama.

4. Anton Bauer Titon 150 14.4V 156Wh Gold Mount Lithium Ion Battery


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Anton Bauer gold mount battery but with more capacity than the ones we’ve shared so far, the Anton Bauer Titon 150 is another solid option that is still semi-budget friendly. 

With a 156Wh capacity, this battery also maintains a continuous draw of 10A that can go up to 12.5A in short bursts when needed (similar to the other AB Titon option on this list). 

When you want to know the power remaining on your battery, the built-in display shows it to you as percentage remains unattached and approximate runtime when attached.

This battery comes with a D-tap and USB ports to power your lights or additional ancillary accessories.

If you’re looking for the best charging option, it’s good to go with a Dual / Quad Gold mount LP performance charger, but other Anton Bauer chargers should work fine. 

Something to keep in mind – the AB Titon series comes in both V-mount and Gold-mount options, so while this might be more on the expensive side for a V-mount, it could still be a good option from a reliable brand if you’re willing to go a little higher on your budget. 

To see the current pricing on the Anton Bauer Titon 150 Gold mount battery, check out the current price on Adorama.

5. Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 99Wh Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery

anton bauer gold mount dionic xt90

The only XT series AB battery on this list, the Dionic XT90 99WH Gold Mount battery is still a solid option when it comes to budget-friendly Anton Bauer batteries. 

The XT series does run a little pricier than the Titon series, so keep that in mind when you compare the two. 

One of the reasons this might be is because the Dionic XT90 is able to output 12A of continuous current, and up to 20A for a short burst when powering on multiple devices.

The 99Wh capacity isn’t bad either and has an extended lifecycle when compared to other Gold mount batteries.

Good for high-demand cameras, you can use these batteries on most rigs, whether you’re shooting on an Alexa MINI or Blackmagic URSA. 

When it comes to connections, this battery comes with a P-tap output and multiple USB ports so you can power multiple compatible accessories as needed.

One more thing to note – similar to the Titon series, the XT series is now available as a V-mount battery configuration as well. 

If you’re working with a V-mount setup, you could theoretically get an Anton Bauer Dionic XT90 as a V-mount instead, though how budget-friendly it might be comparatively isn’t for this article to say. 

Check the current price on Adorama.

6. Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery

core swx hypercore neo 9 mini

The Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 is another affordable Gold mount battery that is not from the Anton Bauer brand.

However, it comes fairly well regarded and is a solid (and most importantly, budget-friendly) option if you’re looking for alternatives to the other options on this list.

Compact and lightweight at only 1.4 pounds, this battery is good for smaller rigs. 

Even still, it retains a solid capacity of 98Wh that’s competitive with other options on this list, and outputs 14.8V with a 12A continuous draw – which is very competitive to the Dionic XT90 listed above.

The NEO 9 doesn’t have the same peak as the Dionic XT90 – it’s lower, at 16A. However, that’s still a solid power range to secure your devices when powering them all on, and should keep your workflow nice and smooth.

This battery comes with a D-tap and USB ports for powering ancillary devices straight from the battery like others on this list. 

One unique aspect – the NEO 9 provides a runtime diagnostic on the battery’s LCD display while also delivering this power reading to external viewfinders. You can even view the battery’s power on the VoltBridgeID iOS app.

Lastly, this battery is compatible with other Gold Mount chargers, including AB chargers that would work with other gold mount batteries on this list.

Check the current price on Adorama.

Final Thoughts

There are definitely a few stand-out brands on this list that come up multiple times, so I would start with those options if they end up being in your budget.

Even if you go with these trusted brands, keep in mind that different users report varying levels of success.

For instance, some users report having had Anton Bauer and Sony batteries fail on them, only to have an IDX battery that’s five years old and still kicking – call it old faithful.

So do your own digging in the comments and user reviews of whichever battery option you decide to go with before you go out and order four to six of them.  

Also, keep in mind that you can also purchase adaptor plates to switch between Gold Mount (Anton Bauer mounts) or V-mounts accordingly.

This might change what batteries you decide to go with depending on your customization interests and budgetary constraints. 

If you’re wondering if any of the batteries shared above will work with your particular camera or rig set up, you can always look up the battery title and search for compatibility with your camera.

Most sellers list compatible cameras somewhere on the page, but not always – so be prepared to do a little extra digging. 

Finally, if you know of better quality and more budget-friendly options than these listed here, feel free to share in the comments! We’ll look it up ourselves and if we agree, we’ll add it to the list above. Thanks in advance!


Grant Harvey is a freelance writer, screenwriter, and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. When he’s not working on his own feature-length screenplays and television pilots, Grant uses his passion and experience in film and videography to help others learn the tools, strategies, and equipment needed to create high-quality videos as a filmmaker of any skill level.

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