Best Affordable Beastgrip Alternative For Smartphone Filmmaking


Beastgrip is widely considered the best smartphone rig for serious mobile filmmakers to capture cinematic video and high-quality photos. It allows you to easily attach lenses, filters, tripods, and other accessories.

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While Beastgrip is a useful tool for smartphone videography, it is also relatively expensive. If you have a limited budget, you may need an alternative solution.

Here are some tips for finding the right smartphone video recording accessories to capture smooth, stable shots.

What Is the Beastgrip?

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The Beastgrip is a camera rig system designed for smartphones. The rig is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate almost any iPhone or Android device. It also features spring-loaded clamps for a secure fit.

Adding the Beastgrip to a phone helps keep the camera steady. Instead of a thin smartphone, you hold a large, rugged grip.

The Beastgrip also supports a wide range of smartphone filmmaking equipment. You can add various clamps and lens adapters or mount it on a tripod. It basically provides increased functionality for better smartphone videography.

The latest product is the Beastgrip Pro, which offers increased compatibility with lens adapters and smartphone accessories.

However, it is also one of the most expensive smartphone grips. Here are a few affordable alternatives.

1. DREAMGRIP Evolution 2020 Pro Universal Modular Rig System

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The DREAMGRIP Evolution 2020 Pro Rig System stands out as the top Beastgrip Pro alternative. It is one of the few alternatives that provide the same standard features as the Beastgrip.

The DREAMGRIP includes a large frame that can hold almost any iPhone or Android phone. It also has a lens adapter and a ¼-inch tripod mount.

Unlike the Beastgrip, the DREAMGRIP supports two phones. One phone is placed in the center of the frame while the other mounts on top of the frame. The frame is also larger compared to the Beastgrip, with an ergonomic handle on both sides instead of just one side.

The frame also includes two aluminum “cold shoe” tracks for mounting camera accessories. You can easily add lights and microphones.


  • Supports two phones
  • The frame has two ergonomic grips
  • Includes a lens adapter
  • Comes with lens filters


  • Relatively expensive

Check the current price on Amazon.

2. SMALLRIG Smartphone Video Rig

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The SMALLRIG Smartphone Video Rig is the best smartphone video rig kit for those who need a lens adapter at the lowest price. This rig costs less compared to the DREAMGRIP and Beastgrip and provides many of the same functions.

As with the previous options, the SMALLRIG has a rectangular frame that holds almost any iPhone or Android phone. It also has a lens adapter and two cold shoes for mounting mics and lights. The bottom includes several ¼-inch threads for mounting on tripods.

The main difference between the SMALLRIG rig and the more expensive options is the size. The SMALLRIG has a compact frame that only supports phones up to 3.4-inches wide. It is not compatible with the iPhone 12 mini.

Due to the smaller size, the grip may not offer the same level of stabilization provided by the DREAMGRIP. However, this is still an affordable alternative with comparable features.

SMALLRIG is well-known for making excellent cages and accessories for mirrorless cameras, and I own several pieces for my Panasonic GH5s.


  • More affordable rig
  • Includes a lens adapter


  • The smaller size offers less stability
  • Does not support wide smartphones

Check the current price on Amazon.

3. HOHEM 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

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The HOHEM 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer is an alternative option for those who prefer a gimbal to the more traditional phone rig, which Beastgrip is.

The bottom has a ¼-inch thread for mounting on a tripod. However, the device does not have cold shoes or hot shoes for connecting microphones and other accessories.

The gimbal provides a most stable grip for handheld filming with a smartphone. The gimbal weighs just one pound and supports phones up to 3.5-inches wide.

The stabilizer moves in three directions to adapt to quick hand movements, resulting in smoother videos. It even connects to your phone to provide several additional features, including zoom, focus control, pan, and tilt.


  • Provides the best image stabilization
  • The grip includes buttons for basic camera controls
  • Works with most iPhone and Android devices


  • Costs a little more compared to other options
  • Does not include cold shoes for accessories

Check the current price on Amazon.

4. MOVO Smartphone Video Rig with Shotgun Microphone

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The MOVO Smartphone Video Rig is one of the best budget Android filmmaking kit recommendations due to its affordable price and accessories.

The other rigs include a frame, and several options come with a lens adapter. However, the MOVO kit includes a shotgun microphone, shock mount, furry windscreen, and cables.

The MOVO smartphone rig is a handheld grip with a one-fourth-inch thread on the bottom for mounting on a tripod. The center part of the rig has a clamp that supports phones 2.2-inches to 3.6-inches wide. The top has a cold shoe, which is intended for the mic.


  • Comes with a microphone and windscreen
  • The clamp can fit almost any iPhone and Android smartphone


  • Offers less stabilization compared to the rectangular grips
  • Only includes one cold shoe, which is used by the mic

Check the current price on Amazon.

5. NEEWER U Rig Smartphone Video Rig

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The NEEWER U Rig closely resembles the Beastgrip. The top has two cold shoes while the bottom has multiple ¼-inch threads. It even has a similar ergonomic grip on one side. However, it does not have a lens adapter.

The clamp can hold most phones but does not use a spring-loaded design. The adjustable bracket needs to be tightened securely to reduce the risk of the phone sliding around. While it lacks some of the features found on the Beastgrip rig, the NEEWER U Rig costs about one-tenth of the price.


  • The most affordable smartphone video rig
  • Includes two cold shoes and tripod mounts


  • Does not include a lens adapter
  • Does not use a spring-loaded clamp

Check the current price on Amazon.

Last Thoughts on Finding the Best Beastgrip Alternative

In the end, Beastgrip is not the only mobile filmmaking gear for capturing cinematic footage with a smartphone. When comparing options, think about how you intend to use your phone.

For example, if you want to keep the camera completely steady, look for smartphone rigs with one-fourth-inch universal threads—the one-fourth-inch hole mounts on any tripod.

The best smartphone grip should fit your phone and allow you to attach various accessories.

The top recommendations tend to have brackets or threaded mounts for attaching lenses for smartphone devices. A hot shoe is also needed for attaching LED lights or microphones.

If you want the best value, choose a smartphone video kit with a tripod and accessories. Purchasing a kit also ensures that all the accessories are compatible with the rig.

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